I have a B.A. in History, an unofficial theater minor (70 theater related credits), and a Masters in Education with High School Teaching Certification. After 5 years teaching High School Drama and History. I quit to become a stay at home dad. This lead to 8 years working as part time faculty and part time T.D. at a Community College. I helped design a new theater and managed it's first year of operations followed by 3 years as T.D.

Since 2013 I have been the manager of a 400 seat high school performing arts center (booking rentals, managing an adult crew, maintenance, repairs, ordering equipment upgrades, training students, and being T.D. of school shows).

I've been part of the Controlbooth Staff since 2009. My primary focus here is the education forum, reporting on the latest from the industry trade shows, and using my teaching skills to help beginners understand big concepts.

My addictions include Baseball, College Football (Go DAWGS!), Star Wars and Doctor Who.
November 11
Seattle, WA


Don't worry, I've screwed up bigger shows than this!


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