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    Where are the S4 fire sales?

    For those who don't know, UsedLighting is how 4Wall gets rid of their gear. I've toured their warehouse in Burbank and they test things for functionality when they come back from tour, then later decide what they are going to sell. So when you buy something form Usedlighting, you are getting...
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    Conventional Fixtures Lamp life after extended closure?

    Thanks @ship ! As usual, you bring us a masters class full of information! I'm gonna go through and clean my dimmer racks and fixtures again (I did them last year, but they've been sitting so yeah, best to do it again).
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    Conventional Fixtures Lamp life after extended closure?

    This is mostly a question for @DELO72 and @ship, but you are all welcome to answer. I'm curious if there is any data on what happens to lamp life after an extended shut down? If your incandescent lights haven't been on for a year and a half does it shorten lamp life or will the lamp life clock...
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    On Broadway.... (the lamb lies down?)

    Dang no West Coast stops and it's right around the time of LDI so I would have to do more trips... don't think I'm going to be able to convince Mrs. Gaff.
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    Important NEC Tentative Interim Amendments--Public Comment

    Thanks keeping us informed, but more importantly thanks for your decades of work on this kind of stuff @STEVETERRY ! It's hard to comprehend how much we have all benefited from the work you have done!
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    Post-Covid ReOpening Guidance

    Just found out this afternoon our feeder middle school had two kids test positive. The school says they have had "close contact" (6 feet for more than 15 minutes) with 32 others. So here we go.
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    Post-Covid ReOpening Guidance

    I work in a high school and this week for the first time we have had about 500 kids on campus for four hours a day. I'm fully vaccinated as is everyone in my family except my two teen kids. My kids have no health issues that make Covid potentially dangerous, so the odds are if they got Covid...
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    Low level Fog Advice

    Low lying fog is a you get what you pay for item and it's never cheap. The really good stuff is both expensive to buy and expensive to maintain as you need to keep buying dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Chauvet has a pretty decent high volume dry ice fogger that is expensive, but a lot less than...
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    Wenger Versalite convert to rolling platform mod

    And here is, the final product three sections snapped together into a 6x9 platform that rolls. The fit is so tight, that the wheels never fully leave the ground. You have to be a bit careful about wheel orientation to make sure they are in the position of minimal contact or it gets a bit of a...
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    Wenger Versalite convert to rolling platform mod

    I made a video of putting a leg together.
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    Wenger Versalite convert to rolling platform mod

    Working off of @egilson1 's idea and being that I was lucky enough to get a full second set of legs, here's what I came up with. I trimmed some wood to perfectly fit in the center of the leg tubes. Then I mounted the wheels directly to the legs. The casters I bought have 6 bolt holes. So I...
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    Wenger Versalite convert to rolling platform mod

    Look out world, Ethan is a genius today! I hadn't thought about using that exterior extruded track to attach wheels! (We'll ignore how you posted the Amazon product link as a media link and the middle of the post was a bunch of blank space. I fixed it and you are a genius today!)
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    Wenger Versalite convert to rolling platform mod

    I got some 6'x3' Wenger Versalite platforms from district surplus. They have square 2" O.D. aluminum tubing for legs. I got a bunch of extra 7" legs and I want to mod some of the legs to have a set on wheels. I am not a welder so I'm looking for a low tech way of doing this. Here's a leg...
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    LED Retrofit

    I've been using "Hyperikon" 100 watt Led flood lights since March 2019. So a little over a year 🤔😕. They are very bright, lean towards blue but not too bad. They sold them on Amazon in packs of two for $90. They are currently out of stock. I'm guessing it's a different product now. They...
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    Episode 33 – Claudia Peterson

    Wait you are into the sexism or the NOT sexism. ;)