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    Well... there it is.

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    COVID-19: CB's house nurse takes your questions

    I shared this with @Mrs Gafftaper and she suggested that not only is it age but also that those older people all migrate from other parts of the country, bringing the virus with them. You can imagine seniors from all over the west coast deciding that the best plan for them to be safe is to go...
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    COVID-19: CB's house nurse takes your questions

    Wow that is pretty crazy. I bet you are right about age.
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    We know that at least half the cases of COVID don't have fevers. Multiple studies have shown that the number of undetected asymptomatic cases are significantly higher than we thought. Of the cases that do develop fevers, they can be infectious for as much as a week BEFORE they have the fever...
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    I also can't get your theme song out of my head!
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    Sitting outside watching listening to episode 3 of @egilson1 's podcast and keeping an eye on some ribs smoking. Couple of more hours to go on the ribs and the podcasts! Thanks Ethan, I'm loving it!
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    New rig being installed

    Yeah this is a really important point. It will not be long until you can't buy lamps for those PARS. So it might be wiser to spend your money on LED's instead. Note: You have to spend about $600 per fixture to buy an LED that will produce a quality white/pastel color that looks good on...
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    @RonHebbard any podcast that has their act together has a website and the ability to then listen to them directly from the site is pretty common. Sometimes there is even bonus material on the site. One of my favorite podcasts is "99% Invisible" it's about the oddities and hidden bits of design...
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    I just finished listening to the first two episodes and loved them! Nicely done Ethan!
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    Raising an actor

    ... And again @Robert F Jarvis be sure you look at exactly where they want to do it in the show. How much time do you actually have to pull it off?
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    Raising an actor

    True, having him step up on a small platform as you fly the moon down would look great!
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    Looking for help flying an object around the stage.

    We did something similar a long time ago. We stretched a cable really tight and built this rocket shaped device suspended on wheels that rode on the wire. Someone off stage tossed the rocket down the line and it rolled right across.
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    Raising an actor

    What about a stairway? A small raised platform? Some sort of hybrid of ladder and elevated work platform? If you are thinking about doing this at the end of the show where Fester flies off there is very little time in the music for this to happen so take a close look at where it fits in the...
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    Shadow Fabric

    You did well. I don't know of any material that can be both translucent and opaque with shadows. Scrim doesn't do that. The only option I can think of is silhouette instead of shadows as you described.
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    Can the actor behind a scrim see through it ??

    It's just using a black shark's tooth scrim to reveal something behind it. Never heard a particular term for it.