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    Hello everyone

    I am a 4th year student an Kent State University (Ohio). I am also employed by the Performing Arts Center and work as the head carpenter but specialize in lighting design. I had no experience with the Light Palette Classic board before this job and am looking to enhance my skills. I have caught...
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    Source Four Revolution

    Thank you so much! I am not by any means a "pro" at movers, in fact I only have about 3 months solid experience on this board so any info is a huge improvement for me. I have a show coming up that I am designing and the company wants movers. My boss is an die-hard ETC board guy so he is also...
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    Source Four Revolution

    Does anyone know how to properly program the ETC Source Four Revolution? I started out by setting up a node to our second universe. Then I addressed the ML to 513 (DMX), assigned it to channel 513 and addressed the channel to 513. My friend from strand lighting told me this should be the correct...