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    Texas Making Laws Against Lighting Designers

    I doubt this will go away entirely; it seems to me that the government will simply do a better job at it's homework and then find the best way to stagnate our industry. We need to work at helping to set the standards so that we can continue to grow and not fall by the way side like an old console.
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    Stage Manager backstage

    Agreed, but ultimately it falls to the Stage Manager to make the final go/ no go decision during a performance. just my two cents
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    Conventional Fixtures Color Crossing

    A lot of it depends on how many dimmers and fixtures you have; I've seen it done both ways and having warms and cools from both sides in my experience has allowed for greater flexibility in the looks on stage. My best advice is to try it both ways and find out what works best for your venue.
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    Graduation | The Invisible Projection Screen.

    That seems to be the case in most companies, they get the wrong stuff even when someone tells them it won't work
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    The Future of LED Stage Lighting !

    That's a very good question, I don't know the answer, but I do know that LED's are also working their way in to flashlights as well; they are nice annd bright and they do have the advatage of a longer life, but I think that gels will have to be re-designed to account for the deferences between...
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    The other big advatage to a wired system is it is much easier to expand and/or replace damaged componates
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    Organizing run crew?

    Hang in there, I've been in the same seat as you; my advice is this, stay calm; if you panic, your crew will panic, deligate tasks and authority, put people you know you can trust to get things done over some of the newer people to help aclamate them to their jobs. Take care of your crew as...
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    Set Changes

    Micrsoft Word is good, I've also worked a show where the SM used Microsoft Excel to do a stage plot, it work out rather nicely.....
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    Your status

    I fall in to the 2nd and 3rd catagories, I've been working with a comunity theatre for the last 9 years and am now attending college for theatre
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    Heat Damaged Cyc

    A lot of it depends on where the spot is and how big it is; but I also agree with Sharyn. I had a cyc once that had a 8" tear put in the center of it and we called a seamstress to come in and stich it closed, now unless you know where to look you really can't tell.
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    5 pin DMX to 3 pin DMX

    ok, odd/ignorant question here, what exactly is "termination" and how do you implament it and in what senarios? sorry I've had little experiance with DMX.
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    Free Theatre Software

    check out some of the demoes as well, sometimes they are almost full functioning,or have certian limitations as with lightwright
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    Don't touch stuff, it's not yours.

    it seems that reseting breakers before the show is better than the Lighing designer bringing up the stage lights and putting the audience in the dark durring intermission because they don't know the equipment
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    Mental note: spare lamps are Good Things...

    Spare lamps are good things, when you have the right ones; I did a show once where a short in the cable took out the lamp and dimmer, swaping dimmers wasn't a problem, and we had spare lamps, but none oth them were the right wattage. the short later turned out to be in the wiring of the dimmer...
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    Massacre Virigina Tech Campus

    I think that the saddest part of this tragedy is the fact that the living will pay the price; those who were there will be haunted by it for the rest of their lives, and schools across the country will reveiw and re-work their security mesures making it the school system feel even more like...