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    Locking IEC (C13) sockets

    I love locking IEC way more than PowerCon. PowerCon is difficult to work with and chews up your fingers if you have to rewire more than one in a row. Locking IEC is where it's at.
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    Selling old consoles. Is it worth it?

    It seems like there's always someone wanting to buy old ETC consoles on one of the two gear selling sites I frequent. I'd try there if I were you.
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    Who is going to LDI?

    I believe I will be there, though no plans for how I'm going to get there or where I will stay yet.
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    Stage collapses around Carly Fiorina

    That's a lot of shade to throw, especially considering that when I worked with IA I received no training and it was just *assumed* that I knew what to do. Now that I work in a non-union situation, not only is everyone nicer, but I actually have received training for the thing I didn't already...
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    ETC Nomad Offline Not Responding To OSC Commands

    You should ask the facebook Eos Programmers group.
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    New Lamp Option

    I was very nervous the entire time, but I definitely want to build one of those control boxes.
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    FS: L&E 6x12, 6x9

    I'd just send 360Qs to salvage. The world could use less of them.
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    Hooking Light Clamps to an I beam

    I'm sure it does. But in my experience, I've found IA members to be rude and arrogant, and want no part of it, in this particular Local.
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    Hooking Light Clamps to an I beam

    I never said it was a good idea. And when I did it, I was super careful to make sure there were no splits in the wood. In my experience, IA 'employees' tend to do crazy, unsafe things just because they know they can get away with it. It's one of the reason's I've been avoiding the union.
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    Hooking Light Clamps to an I beam

    Welll, I have seen the local union use wooden blocks (1x1s cut into very short pieces) to hang lights over a very expensive Porsche at a car show... I'm not saying it was right, but I did see it from union members. I have also done it myself, but it always feels very dirty. I will probably go...
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    Control/Dimming Inexpensive DMX controller for classroom

    How long ago was that posted? I'm pretty sure that the new versions don't have any form of output without the software key.
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    Greetings Fellow Techies!

    "That's the Pneumatic Illumination Adjustment Apparatus. It's used when you need a high-pressured light to turn on."
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    Control/Dimming Inexpensive DMX controller for classroom

    Nope. Sorry, that is simply incorrect.
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    Control/Dimming Inexpensive DMX controller for classroom

    Seeing as you have an Eos product already, I feel I should mention that the Eos offline software is free and you can use it to build a show (you just can't output without the $500 dongle). If your theater has nodes, all you would need to spend is $500 to be able to output from a laptop. Eos...
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    What are your Nomad Setups like?

    My Nomad system includes a laptop, 19" monitor, keypad, joystick (for moving lights), a DMXKing eDMX1, and a USB-powered LED work light. I've been thinking about printing some custom stickers and putting them on an old USB keyboard, but at this point I don't personally need it, so it's a...