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    Cleaning Rear Projection screens

    In my facility, we have a RP cyc and 17x20 projection screen made of PVC? that have both been excreting an oil that is collecting dust and fibers. Is it safe to clean with soapy water?
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    Confetti bag above electrics

    I am involved in a production that will have confetti (tissue paper) falling from a snow bag above the 1st LX, so far no one has mentioned soaking the paper in fire retardant...since the lighting fixtures will certainly be in the line of fall? should I be concerned?
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    Securing supply cables on a batten.

    I heard a ATD tell his facility manager that it was faster and better(for Strike?) to wrap excess power supply cable around the batten to secure it, rather than coiling it and tying it with tie line. I know I rarely have room between fixtures as it is and that method takes up more room? than...
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    Control/Dimming Other Options (less $$$) for Ion RVI?

    Wondering if anyone knows of a less expensive alternative to Ions' RVI...