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    Revolving floors

    How fast can it move it dont have to be turbo but a slow stedy speed would be good it would need to revolve 360 atleast 2 times 3 max we have a 32 foot by 32 foot space to construct we have until feb to build it and all we have is a carpenter
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    Fake Books

    what we have done in the past is asked around for old books (which we got hundreds off then ripped the covers of which leaves you with the front back and spine if u which when stood up will look like a bookcase. if you need to lay them down just put a small square of polysterne in the edge
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    Revolving floors

    well im looking at about £1000 dont know if that is possible or not as to the ground clearence were looking ideally about 6 inches but no more than 12 inches and as for weight well im not good with things like that however at least a 10ft x 20ft set and 20 dancers
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    Revolving floors

    im looking to build a revolving floor about 20 foot diameter on top of an existing floor, however i do not know were to start, i have a rough idea that it will need to be the type to be a circle in a square type of revolve and also i ideally needs to be motorized as well, does anyone no any good...