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    Inexpensive Remote Control of Lighting System

    yes! 1. buy the Chamsys MagicQ dongle, (btw I don't work for them) 2. install their software and dongle on your mac/pc/linux -- now you have a real lighting console. 3. set you computer wifi to infrastructure -- makes it's own wifi network 4. allow VPN in to that computer (macs come with a VPN...
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    Inexpensive Remote Control of Lighting System

    I have used a MagicQ dongle (~100$) my mac-book-pro and some free VPN (which is really just a remote mouse control) on my ipad. I just disconnect my old fader console and connect the laptop console in its place! Why do you want to keep that NSI plugged in???Gord.
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    i messed up

    Christie Lites has an interesting solutions to this problem... In their MLDs (Moving light Distros). They mix up the pin configuration of soca outs. The result is if you plug a 120 splay you get ground and 2 of the same hot leg. Your 120 volt lights don't go on or blow up because there is no...