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    DIY Gobos in LED mover

    My experience has told me that consumer and pro grade printers and transparencies never measure up. prints gobos onto HD films which I've found to be excellent, I'd try that. THere is no slver bullet for getting around buying a gobo unless you use a video projector.
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    controllable festoon/cafe etc. bulbs

    Check out the Chauvet Festoon range. The only problem is you'll need power supplies out the ying yang if you are covering a large area.
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    Any LED Floods recommedations?

    When you are looking in to flood lighting, wattage and beam angle will play a big part. Look for something near 100 watts or more, and with a wide beam angle of 30-90 degrees.
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    Design Issues and Solutions DIY LED Adventure

    You are not going to be able to do LED on the cheap. Hell, even SMD5050 LED strips can be expensive for decent ones. Take it from someone who has been there, you have heatsinks, thermal design, cooling, power, control, lensing, mechanical engineering...this cannot be done on the cheap for less...
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    Case for Single Leko

    I recommend You can get a decent sized SKB road case with wheels, and have them laser-cut foam. They're fantastic.
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    Mobile DJ, new to the forum.

    I'm a current DJ who also has a ton of lighting experience. IMO, DJs need to have rapid access to queues, and have decent sound-active the for when dancing gets going, but it needs to be easy since you're in a different venue every night. I've taken a different path. For an easy solution, I...
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    Manufacturing a moving light

    What is your use case for making your own light? Do you see a feature gap? Do you have an amazing idea that has not been done? Are you looking for destroying the market with a low price point? Unless you have a compelling reason to make one, you're way better off buying COTS movers. Your ROI on...
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    What Type of Connector is This? DC

    Hello, I was curious if anyone could tell me the name of the circular connector in the attached items? I have looked all over, cannot tell if it's an AMP connector or what. I have some LED projects I'm working on where I'd like to use this. Thanks in advance for looking and input!