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    What’s First? Mics or Makeup?

    Trying to solve a departmental debate. What goes first? Mics or makeup? Any significant reasons why?
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    ADA Ramp Questions - Code Pasted for Reference

    Hi all, We are building an outdoor stage for an upcoming musical. Do we need to have an ADA ramp to the stage? We are in California. Here's the code: “11B-206.2.6 Performance areas. Where a circulation path directly connects a performance area to an assembly seating area, an accessible...
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    Band Setup Organization?

    Hey all, I wanted to get your thoughts on the most efficient way of setting up for a band in terms of keeping cables and inputs organized. Currently, the way I like to do it is label each cable a number on each end. This isn't necessarily the input channel (but if it is, great). But, this...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Looking for the following connector...

    Hey all, I am building a portable 4RU rack and am looking to mount a male edison plug into a blank pane so facilities can attach and detach an extension cord directly to the rack. What is the name and where can I get one? Picture: attached.
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    Using 12V car battery to power converter?

    Hi all, I have a Black Magic SDI to Fiber converter for a camera run and I'd like to power it off a small 12V 7AH battery. Will this work well and for how long would you suppose? As the battery loses juice, will the voltage drop below 12V to a point where it would harm the Black Magic? Thanks
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    Suggestions To Make My Own Snake?

    I'll have to give the Silicon Tape a look. As for the fiber, we will be using a six strand fiber run and will be needing two strands, making the other 4 backups. Worst case, we have second snake run to pull out if the entire snake gets chopped. :)
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    Suggestions To Make My Own Snake?

    Hey all, I am going to be making a custom 250' snake that uses (1) 6-stand fiber, (1) RG/59 Coax, and (2) Mic Cables. What is the best way to bundle these together to create a snake that has a smooth surface to prevent "rope burn" (no wire loom/braiding) as well as make it easy to wrap onto a...
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    Loudspeakers Portable PA Suggestions?

    I was hoping to get something with at least one built in wireless unit. I was hoping to get something with at least one built in wireless unit.
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    Loudspeakers Portable PA Suggestions?

    Hi All, I am looking for a Portable PA system easy for students and faculty to set up and use for outdoor announcements and lunch music etc. I need something in loud enough for 200 people outdoor as well as possibly having 2 wireless microphones built in. My budget is around $1000 to $1500...