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    COVID-19 and our Industry

    While there are idiots that will do their own thing, not all eggs are bad. If people care at all, they can make it work. The church I attend and volunteer at is doing their best to adhere to the guidelines. They record everything at once in one night, as opposed to rehearsal one night, then...
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    COVID Mask kit from Avid Labs

    That is correct. The website hasn't been updated. A lot of things are being "made up as we go" and there are lots of things. In related news, we are working on something called ear savers, but that is pretty much all I know about them. Apparently, the elastic bands behind the ears are...
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    Altman sues former General Manager over grow light

    I don't remember what major company it is, maybe GE, but we have been asked for a UV-C (220nm) version of our 4UV.
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    Altman sues former General Manager over grow light

    Everyone is working on lights for this. Part of my new job.
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    Tech slang?

    I have the minor lysdexia that often comes with ADHD. Seems to be getting worse as of late, especially when typing..... When talking, I frequently swap words in sentences, eg: I'm going to pull the garage in to the car. I catch it a little more than half of the time. Depending on who's...
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    DMX adapters

    In a 4-pin cable, pins 2 and 3 carry the data and pins 1 and 4 carry DC power to power the unit. If you were to make a 5-pin to 4-pin cable to plug into your devices, they would not work since they are only getting data but no power, like a moving head fixture that isn't plugged into AC and...
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    LDI has been sold

    I wonder if this actually happened before the show. It obviously would have been in the works before.
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    Basics of Backstage etiquette

    Since I can't be blamed for a necropost, thanks/bad @Buttmonkey, and this is a good thread, I'll throw my two cents in on this. What I've heard and makes the most sense to me lines up with the line in bold. The idea was that the main curtain has to be raised up for additional bows so many...
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    Wybron CXI scrolls

    I believe we are the only ones making gel strings at this point. I think White Light is our dealer in the UK.
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    LDI 2019

    As of now, we are alternating going to LDI and NAMM each year. We did NAMM this year, so LDI will be next year. Yes, that means, aside from USITT, which we are still planning on attending every year, we will do two big shows within a couple months of each other and then not another one until...
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    Custom glass gobo installation which side to lamp?

    Not really being a lightning person and having only used metal when I have been coerced into it, I don't know much about gobos. I do know "upsidedown and backwards" when it matters. On some glass gobos, side matters, but others don't. Hopefully @Kelite is within earshot to help out.
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    Gel Strings - Where to buy?

    I believe we are the only ones that make gel strings anymore. Contact your local Apollo dealer, which in this case, if I searched correctly, looks to be either Applied Audio or Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co., Inc., both across the lake. They can get you a quote to have the strings made.
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    DMX iris as projector douser?

    You would just need an iris that closes all the way, which some do. We have done scrollers (strings) for this purpose as well.
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    selling liquid nitrogen under the age of 16

    I have no idea what that says. Try some capital letters and punctuation. Maybe school isn't your thing after all. Is that why you are trying to come up with a way to make money?
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    selling liquid nitrogen under the age of 16

    No. You have to physically type that in. Why did you type Maryland if you live in Utah?!