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    Controlling LEDs with ancient board?

    This. A thousand times this. I also program LED on a Smartfade ML quite a bit. Depending on if you're on a Smartfade or Smartfade ML will change how you want to approach it.
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    Direction of circuit numbering?

    I tend to like circuits/dimmers to go SL SR (electricians view) while I channel SR SL (designer view). Good updated paperwork saves the day either way.
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    ETC ion cue list label

    Ok...that's really cool. It showed up at least in 2.4. Looks like I've got a little work to do today in my Kids show.
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    D.I.Y. Star Curtain

    When I think star drop on a budget I think fishing line, aluminum foil and the can of assorted nuts/washers in the scene shop no one has ever sorted. This with a couple of side light Elipsoidals and a black scrim if you have one works pretty dang well.
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    QLab 4

    If I didn't' want it to function like a lighting console why would I buy it? Isn't that the point of adding lighting to Q-lab? I'm curious what makes you think that the default behavior is innovative as tracking evolved from only writing down your changes on your cue sheets when running switch...
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    QLab 4

    Interesting. I can see how it would be useful in a space with out separate designers. They need to fix their "Goto Cue" sequence so it looks at previous Q's as well. Currently it's working like old tracking boards and not referencing the previous Q's. Which is shitty and annoying
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    Control/Dimming Ion ghost inputs

    Funny I just heard a story that ended with this being the problem. Long hours make for forgetting about keyboard shortcuts.
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    Opp vs Op

    All of these people saying they've never seen opp before? I have
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    Safety & Code Where was OSHA?

    Except for the quote about starving themselves it's a good article. A ballerina who's starving themselves isn't doing it right. I can't tell you the amount of times I've almost lost a limb going out to eat with ballerinas after performances.
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    Control/Dimming Element and Unison

    As expected it was a misinformed former "TD" who instituted the rule and knew little to nothing about DMX much less Unisen.
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    Control/Dimming Element and Unison

    Yep. See that's how it should work. According to multiple sources Element is in its one to one patch. Board is powered off, Unison works correctly. Element is patched for a show, and then powered off. Unison stops working.
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    Control/Dimming Element and Unison

    If they left their Element powered all the time I could see that. But this is apparently not the case.
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    Control/Dimming Element and Unison

    So I'm going into a new space next week that I haven't worked in before. Everyone I've talked to is saying that when repatching their Element it messes up their Unison system. This of course doesn't jive right with my head unless there has been some sort of integration between Unison and...
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    Near shot and far shot for stage of theater-in-the-round

    I would recommend going with 4 point lighting when working in the round. Remember that down light is the only angle that will look the same to all sides.
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    Suggestions For Best Focusing Tool

    Footer isn't the only one who will say stick with the classics. I've bought many many different focus tools over the years and I always end up back with my Cwrench.