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    Color Suggestions for Followspot

    Any gel suggestions for followspot? Our spots have 6 gel slots--currently all we use is a Rosco No Color Blue in the spots, but I feel it sometimes makes actors look a little ghostly. Thanks for the help!
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    Newspaper Stacks for Newsies

    Looking for ideas on how to make the newspaper stacks for Newsies. They need to be able to be stood on. The ones from the Broadway version were vacuum formed, but we don't have that ability. Thanks for the ideas!
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    Platform Cross Bracing

    Thanks for the advice! What do you think about using steel legs instead? I've seen a row of platforms like I want that sit on 3" steel square legs.--two 2x4 framed platforms sit on one leg (the leg sits in the middle of the two legs). The tubing has steel plates welded at the top on either...
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    Platform Cross Bracing

    Need advice on platform cross bracing. At what height is cross bracing necessary? I want to do a row of 4, 4'x8' platforms (32' total) at 6' tall. The platforms will be made from 2x4s, with (6) 2x4 compression legs per platform. We're doing a drop behind the platforms, and aesthetically, want...