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    Ended up being about 12-14 ft high- proscenium is about 22 if I remember correctly. we used sheetrockers scaffold with bright yellow paint and metal plates to stand/ dance on. ended up being fairly sturdy and not half-bad too.
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    origin of a ghost light?

    i was given to under stand by someone wise that they had a practical purpose: to keep the gas pressure from building up too much and going kablooey during the night, or when the next person when walks in with an open source of flame
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    design program

    i use 3D architect, a construction proggie, its helpful for positioning furniture and stuff- then it gives you a walkthrough that you can control you can pick colors and styles etc.,etc.
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    Corn chips in the booth.

    we used to have a couch- it was one that just showed up on our loading dock one day
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    Amphitheatre Show

    no local music shops- seating is just grassy fieldbut we will mark it off to about 40ft at the stage, and possibly 60 or 70ft wide about 75-100ft back what I was brainstorming was to have this: have 2 powered speakers on either side of the front of the stage- then go about...
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    Amphitheatre Show

    there is a budget of about $600 and i'm the only competent tech they could find that would volunteer everything. timewise the show is a religious little pagaent that shouldn't last more than two hours- i planned on burning it to CD- the entire show should be a lipsync with possibly 2 live...
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    Amphitheatre Show

    Let me make this as plain as I can. I need to learn how to record an entire show and get mixed just perfect by say the end of june. After which I need to rent a rack and speakers-basically the whole sound package. Now the problem. I've never done sound before in my life. I might could set it up...
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    First Aid

    you guys are like a professional pit crew for nascar
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    to make an animal- select desired animal find bendable(not cable) wire create wire frame skeleton cover with realistic looking skin / feathers / fur / stuff in general pose to fit scene
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    to qoute Captain Jack Sparrow of Piartes of the Carribean "You seem somewhat familiar, have I threatened you before?"
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    Hello Kids

    Yay Metallica- I like you already- enjoy your time here
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    My schools new set-up!!! (so excited)

    and don't drink coke over the desk
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    ah ha- thats why you seem familiar- we have met B4
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    hmmm- you seem familiar- have we met before?