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    Ammo Cans

    You know what they're ABSOLUTELY perfect for? Red Bull.
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    Unistrut as scenic element framing

    Hey guys, I'm working on a production of Charlotte's Web and the design has a couple sets of giant tracking barn doors. (Not for lighting fixtures). I'm looking into the possibility of framing the doors with Unistrut and facing them with 3/8" Ply or 1/4" Luaun. The Doors are rather large...
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    Aspiring LD or sound designe/FOH engineer w/ a disability

    Re: Aspiring LD or sound designer/FOH engineer w/ a disability Welcome! Lots of consoles now have Computer Based clients that can be used to program. You could use PC voice control paired to the hot-key commands for example with an ETC EOS/Ion/Element Client which would allow you to program...
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    Macbook Pro Video Output Experiences

    Qlab and 2 triplehead2gos. Matrox TripleHead2Go DisplayPort | Multi-Monitors for Laptops
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    Realistic Midi Orchestra

    Ableton would work for this, but it would be like running any other DAW with good samples. Also, you'd have to have the MIDI files, or, take eons to transcribe.
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    Mouldings made of EPS

    It's some over sized pieces of crown moulding. Some of the sections can be easily done on a table saw/band saw, but there are some nice round-overs and fluting. EPS was chosen because of how light a material it is.
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    Mouldings made of EPS

    I've got an upcoming project with EPS (XPS) Mouldings and I was wondering the opinion of the board on how would be a good way to go about forming the material. I've heard a lot of people saying that Hot-wire cutting is ok, while others preach that using it is dangerous and other methods of...
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    Theatrical Law - HELP!

    I don't know much about the regulations in the states, but CITT has a guideline for all those things - general good practice for theatre, and some law in Canada. If you cannot find any legal/regulatory material, it's a good place to start for standards...
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    Sound f/x looking for music people associate with hell

    The band Sunn has a lot of good atmospheric music. Sin Nanna, Orthodox Caveman and Mocking Solemnity are worth checking out. The intro to Proclamation's Angel of Four Winds is very much a soundscape for hell that could work to your advantage though it's just under a minute. Both of these bands...
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    Sound f/x Cue Playback Software

    I would like to apologize in advance for the sporadic nature of the post. I've been using Ableton Live in combination with an external Firewire Interface. If set up with an internal MIDI loop, you can fire sounds off in Session View to multiple outputs with the MIDI automating the volume fades...
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    Hails from the North! My name is Sean McIlveen. I am currently enrolled in my 4th year of a BFA Technical Theatre Production Program. I've been involved with Tech primarily since 2003 - with a heavy emphasis on Audio. I enjoy working in all fields of stage and live performance, but am usually...