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    Source Four Revolution

    Alright, thank you. I will see what my drama teacher thinks. He knows that the district will probably not let him buy any (and will make the other items on his proposal less likely to get cut if the price is too high), but if he does get them, best to get good ones, right? Thanks for the...
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    Source Four Revolution

    Thanks for the replies! We have an Express 72/144 with enough open channels to run 2-4 MLs, although we would probably get 2. And as for why, my theater teacher told me that he was looking into moving fixtures, so I thought I would do some research. I will consider what you all have said, thanks...
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    Source Four Revolution

    My school is looking at getting some moving lights, and the ETC Source Four Revolution was one that I saw that looked good. So, two questions. One, are these lights good quality? Most of our lighting equipment is by ETC, and it is all good quality, so I would assume that the Revolutions are...
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    Yet another new person

    Hey, I discovered this website, and my techie friends recommended it, so here I am. I do lights and sound most of the time. Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!:)