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    College Decisions

    I can be one of those voices. I went to school for theatre. I went to Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY. "Higher above Cayuga's waters than that other school... Cornell). While generally considered a liberal arts school, Ithaca almost always ranks in the top 10 undergrad theatre programs. I believe it...
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    Job Announcment 2020 TAIT Internship Applications Open

    2020 SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM TAIT is now accepting applications for the 2020 Summer Internship Program. We are looking forward to our most competitive season yet, with over 750 applications last year. 2020 internship opportunities include Design + Engineering, Project Management...
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    Motorized rigging

    Shameless plug... You can also call us at TAIT, we do automated rigging as well. We are likely going to be on the higher end of the price range, but rock solid systems. We can do simple linesets and custom solutions for any of your potential needs.
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    Control/Dimming Gantom DMX Fixture Termination?

    Well, to follow up: The response i got from Gantom is that they do terminate the chain. However, they way they phrased their messge to me makes me wonder if they didn't really understand what I meant by termination (which would be problematic). Their message text below: The problem I have...
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    Control/Dimming Gantom DMX Fixture Termination?

    Yeah, I emailed them, just thought the booth might have a faster response time.
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    Control/Dimming Gantom DMX Fixture Termination?

    Hey friends, does anyone know if the Gantom DMX fixtures (specifically the GT22) have DMX termination or not? This could significantly affect the topology of a system I am setting up with them.
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    Motor Question

    In the US, 120/208. Much more useful for other things besides motors, like moving lights or portable dimmers.
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    Motor Question

    Ultimately, it comes down to what you thing you are going to need to run. It is possible to run some pretty decent sized machines on 120/208 with 30A service. We certainly build a lot of machines in that class. However if you need to move heavy things or accelerate fast (or both) you may need...
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    TAIT acquires Kinesys

    TAIT has officially announced the acquisition of Kinesys. Very soon you should be able to find native Navigator support for Kinesys products, and Kinesys will help to develop new navigator product in the future.
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    Flying movers on an Ion: touchpad?

    Well, that exists in the ML controls screen. On a touch screen, it would effectively be the same as a trackpad.
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    Flying movers on an Ion: touchpad?

    Controlling P/T ona trackball was the native mode of operation for the Strand 300/500 series consoles. While it seems like a wonderful idea, it is far less precise than dual rotary encoders. Ultimately, you feel like you should be able to whip a trackball around and have the fixture just get...
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    New here - a little about me

    From one of your (well, not you personally, but Verity) friends at TAIT, welcome to ControlBooth. Hope we see you guys on another project!
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    Learning Network for Entertainment

    The reality is, while we have been using networking in the industry for a while, it is still a bit of black magic to many. I know you don’t want a list of books, but even in print there are not too many options that relate directly to our field. Entertainment networking is really pushing the...
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    Hacking an Express

    I’m sure you could find a Linux district that would run on it. Can’t imagine it would be good for much. You could probably boot FreeDOS on it too. Again, after that, what?
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    Burr shoots Hamilton, Audience Panics, Three Injured

    In many jurisdictions it is a requirement that if the fire alarm is triggered, it kills the house audio system. The idea is that it ensures that the fie alarm is the loudest thing and that people actually hear it. Now,this may not be feasible in places like arenas and stadiums or even many road...