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    Cadac A-Type in use for over 18 years

    CADAC is amazing...I used it in Les Miz back in Argentina and fell in love with it.
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    Colortran Innovator

    Colortran has a hardware Upgrade kit for free available, and a new software version. That solved 99% of the issues at this High School I help out at. Check it out.
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    martin mac ripoff

    Oh there are tons. There was in Japan that was incredibly funny...they even went as far as saying Martin had stolen the design from them....
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    What do u think about Mac 550 profiles

    I agree, the 550s are OK, but the stock colors and gobos look more like a club/concert fixture. They're fast and brighter than a 500, but I love the 700.
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    VW 11.5 Beam Rendering

    I'm sorry, but VW won't render beams, since it doesn't have the ability to insert fog or any medium in the air. You'll need other type of software like ESP or Cinema4D to do that.
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    New email-for now

    My work email is down for some strange reason :( , so if you want to contact me please send me a mail to [email protected] (Yup, I tried to be a DJ once, don't laugh!) Thanks all!!
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    hanging mics

    Well, besides the fact that teachers "protect" their students' vocal cords, most singers nowadays rely too mucho the fact tha theyhave a mike on.
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    If you wanna get fancy, you can use projection, or some sort of FX wheel such as the City Theatrical EFX Plus2 or GAM Film/FX.
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    Happy Birthday man! And yeah, cool logo, go easy on the cake
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    Diffusion Gels?

    We use Lee cuz its cheap. Unfortunately we have a great deal on economics, especially since the company I'm working for is starting out wth lights.
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    How Far Down?

    What on earth is an apron??? :? Never herd that term before, but then again, I can't seem to learn much of the theatre's name in english either...
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    Candy Questions in tech Answers:

    Nah, people will catch on don't worry!
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    Hi to you too, and welcome to the board, I joined recently and am aving a great time here!
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    CAD Stencils

    CAD is great, never used Vectorworks. Another great soft I'm beggining to like a lot is Capture ( I'm thinking of buying it, but I'm not quite sure yet. As for CAD, if you know how to use it its a great tool, and as a side plus, people love to see a CAD plot, every...
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    CAD Stencils

    For all of you: Great library.