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    Writing a grant for booth-y things.

    As an IT Guy who works with non-profits, I fully agree with @Aaron Becker. Every non-profit I have worked with are either as he described or had someone give them a grant for computers 5-8 years ago and are in the same boat as you now are. Rather than let everyone roll their own, the greatest...
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    Cat5 Extension

    Something like this Cat5e 110-Type | Inline Splice - Straight through | They work well in the conventional networking environment. Stay away from the RJ45 coupler versions - to manu additional connectionsto get dirty and fail
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    Leviton DMX dimmer leaves LED bulbs at level

    A number of years ago we were actively replacing the lamps in the 1960's era chandeliers in our church with LED bulbs. We initially left one incandescent lamp in each string, which worked well until it burned out. We put in a call to the dimmer manufacturer support (Lehigh Lighting) who told...
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    Altman 360Q Focus

    @RonHebbard - Your little trick worked like a charm to at least give me an idea where to go. I did a visual of the alignment for centering, used your cap trick to determine which way to go, then moved each screw the same amount. I also took the lens tube apart and cleaned the lenses. Thanks
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    Shure transmitter popping

    Take the transmitter with no mic attached and try to twist it, tap on it, and otherwise mechanically beat it up. On pther Shure transmitters, i have found microphonics caused by poor/dirty connections on switches, poor battery contacts, and bad connections internally. the suggestions to wiggle...
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    Altman 360Q Focus

    Thank you for all of the replies. The bulb that is in the one I brought home to play with is an FLK/HX600 - 575 Watt 115 volt. lamp. Playing with the bench focus I found a spot about 1/2 on the center screw away from where it was that looks better on the wall. I will see what it does when I...
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    Altman 360Q Focus

    I am having trouble getting a pair of 6x9 Altman 360Q's to light evenly and the same. We are adding artwork on a very plain wall for Lent and are trying to illuminate it to highlight the shapes in it and set a color appropriate for lent. My issue is that I have 7-360Q's acquired on the used...
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    PNG and extension cords

    That power strip looks like someone plugged their 1500 watt ceramic heater into it and left it run all day. Your local fire department sees that more than they would like to.
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    Video Recording connections

    What are you streaming with? If you are using a computer, a better solution is to use a USB interface or two to bring the audio and video into the computer and mix it there for the livestream.
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    Shure UA844+SWB and QLXD's

    Don't forget the network side - The receivers like to talk to each other especially during frequency selection and assignment. They have a great in-built scan function that will find open frequencies and make assignments. As mentioned above, Wireless Workbench is a necessary tool let you...
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    Youth Protection Policy

    Bill: True, but the youth protection aspect for gender neutral is that adequate facilities exist for bathing/dressing, etc. in private
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    Youth Protection Policy

    Amen to the BSA Program. Key points for your policy -Background checks, two deep leadership, no one on one in a non-public area, gender specific facilities, Youth Protection training for all. If you are in PA, has good resources
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    For the first aid kit

    This type of device, while a cool toy, is way outside the scope of practice for any of the first aid training you are likely to have (and therefore Good Samaritan Act coverage) - unless you have an MD on staff. I'm sure it has a relatively short shelf life due to the sterility requirement and...
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    ADJ Dimmer Pack Freaking Out

    At a facility I work with, the manufacturer of the dimmers we had installed recommended a 3K 10 Watt resistor across each of the dimmer outputs to stabilize it for use with commercial dimmable LED bulbs. Before that we had to keep 1 incandescent bulb in the string or the string would flash on...
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    Help needed with LED House light dimming.

    Some dimmer types are unstable with an LED only load. Perform a quick experiment - Install 1 incandescent bulb in the dimmer string with the rest LED bulbs. If the string dims correctly, the dimmer itself is at fault. To fix it, ask the manufacturer for the correct resistor value to place...