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    Want to buy DLP or LED video wall

    define reasonable wall will almost always be more expensive than projection, provided you have the space to hang wall will also draw a lot more power, so this should be a consideration as well
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    VL2500 Washes

    I have 11 VL2500 Wash fixtures for sale, plus one parts fixture if someone wants to buy them all. Working fixtures pulled from an install. No clamps, cases or lamps. Asking $1100 + shipping each (Canadian, so about $850 US), or $11,000 +shipping for the lot including the parts fixture ($8500...
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    Pro-grade LED's

    I wouldn't judge a fixtures output based solely on it's wattage....Sharpys have quite a high output for their 189w's all about the optics in front of the light sourceColor Ones will definitely compete against the Color Source, although I would definitely recommend getting a demo...
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    Control/Dimming Opti Quad Par and Jands Vista Issues

    You may be experiencing refresh rate related issues.Take a look at this tech note and see if the suggestions help;
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    Control/Dimming Board/Software recommendations?

    If you're interested in pursuing the Jands' option, please feel free to let me know and I can arrange for a demoAlso, if you have any questions regarding the software, I'm always available!
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    Multi-color LED wash fixture with decent tungsten white

    There are lenses available for the color one in the event you need a wider beamThe best way to determine what will work in your particular situation is to demo a bunch of fixtures from different manufacturers and see what will work best for you!
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    Multi-color LED wash fixture with decent tungsten white

    take a look at the chroma-q color one; fit what you're looking to do exactly. happy to arrange for a demo!
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    Throw issues with Colorforce 72s

    you'll want to make sure that the colorforces are pointed the correct way- they're directional fixtures, with one set of lenses being long throw and one being short throwthere should be an arrow near the display screen that needs to point towards the object you're lighting, so it may be a...
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    Colorforce + Ion = ???

    Have to agree on getting them off dimmers.There's an extensive amount of power filtering in color force, but dimmers do weird things to lights that don't dim and could definitely cause this behaviour.
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    $20,000 - $30,000 budget - Need help deciding on a show control setup

    Email me your contact info and I'll pass it on to our West Coast [email protected]
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    $20,000 - $30,000 budget - Need help deciding on a show control setup

    Since you're already planning on going with Arkaos, why not couple it with a Jands Vista at the same time?Timeline programming, simple GUI and can potentially run your audio cues as well!If you're going to infocomm, stop by booth 5171 and I'll show you how to get it all working :)Otherwise...
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    Really low end console

    If you have any questions about operating the StageCL, feel free to ask!The 1.3 software gives you 24 fixtures of control, and an additional two functions on top of color and intensity (ie. zoom and strobe)
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    Pro Legit Lighting Swag

    watch social media for contests.....a lot of companies will run swag contests if you take pictures with their gear/give them stories/share something about their new product/etcalso trade shows, I know we give out shirts at LDI when we do our training classes, and a few other events...
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    AC Lighting Open House Toronto

    Please join us May 7th and 8th for our Open House at 88 Horner Ave in Toronto. We'll be running Jands and Arkaos seminars as well as Chroma-Q, Prolyte and Lumen Radio product demos all to see you there!
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    Color Scroller Power Supplies

    We also make a PSU02 if you'd rather that as opposed to an 8 unit power supply.If they don't work, we can probably still repair them for you! Just get in touch with the service department