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    Thoughts on a Fixture Shoot Out

    For what it's worth ETC fixtures and consoles work pretty well when it comes to the 'color picker' or 'gel match' features. That being said if you typically don't select color that way then it is a moot point. From my experience using ETC desks the color picker results do vary greatly from...
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    Looking for a Moving Light Reflector

    I have 4 Coemar Digiscan 575 fixtures which are the same as a Robe Scan 575xt exactly. 2 of them had lamp failures recently that sounded like a gunshot and I assumed the lamp exploded inside the fixture. Tonight I pulled them apart off a ladder 15' in the air and sure enough both lamps were in...
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    Why is lighting so less popular than sound?

    As someone who does a fair amount of lighting and audio here are my thoughts.... From an equipment purchase standpoint only what percentage of 'audio consoles' are simple analog or lower cost digital consoles (x air or equiv) vs. even entry level lighting controllers ? The average theatre desk...
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    Gray / Sepia Gels

    I lit this show last summer using a mostly LED rig but conventionals for basic frontlight. I used R02 as a front and blended similar light amber from the sides and top I kept no color....its easier to go for the sepia world with lights - as has been stated, Gray isn't a lighting color.
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    Advice for Purchasing Moving Lights

    I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. At one local school the drama director could be described as a 'never give up' kind of guy when it comes to getting stuff from the administration. His facility got a complete remodel including expanded lighting system and all new digital...
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    Advice for Purchasing Moving Lights

    This whole thread reminds me of a quote I worked on for a local school. School was built in the mid-90s, all altman 360qs and the 1KL series as well as 65Q fresnels and 14" scoops to light the sky drop. Console is a EDI minstrel Plus and there is no distributed DMX. This space even has a...
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    20' long tube that doesn't droop?

    I have built a similar motorized roll drop that was over 25' wide with little to no sag. I used aluminum irrigation pipe - 4" min up to 6" - it's very light and has almost zero sag. I used a motor from an awning or shade (tubular motor), and had to make some bushings to make it work. For ours...
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    Followspot footcandles?

    I second the color temp comment. I often use a Rosco I-cue dropped in a Source Four but gelled R60 or R61 and it will 'cut' through a front light wash of R02 or R07 fairly well. Most lower cost follow spots just don't have enough output. The old Altman 1000q type fixtures in my opinion were...
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    Platforms: weight vs strength, 2x6 vs 2x4 best practices

    For all of the high schools I build in I have been using 3/4" CDX or Sheathing grade - not AC for decking and 2x6 outer frames and 2x4 toggles at 24"o.c. Everything is glued including the frames and I use 1/4" x3" lag screws and washers in the corners - 2 per corner and use a paddle bit so the...
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    Lighting System Upgrade Advice

    Well, so far the trend seems to favor a conventional approach vs. adding more LED pars. I was leaning that way also. While the LEDs offer color flexibility the source4s offer a better and more even wash plus the ability to shutter or gobo depending upon the show or event.
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    Lighting System Upgrade Advice

    I also thought about maybe using a small portable dimmer like the old Strand CD-80 packs or the small ETC stuff - usually 2.4k per circuit - would only need say 12 circuits. Could drop circuits at the truss that way. 3 phase power is available easily in the venue.
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    Lighting System Upgrade Advice

    One of the venues I work in is looking at adding additional lighting to their existing system and I was looking for some input as to the best way to steer them. The overview of the space is as follows: It is a wedding/event venue in part of on old Walmart Building. There is a stage that is...
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    Looking to Rent Portable Seating Risers and possibly seats

    I wasn't sure where to post this but here goes... We are doing a production at a local high school in Northern Kentucky - very close to Cincinnati, OH and we are looking to place the audience on the stage of a proscenium theatre and use the stage space like a black box. In order to safely...
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    LED Strip Light / DMX Setup Questions

    1. Yes just plug them into the wall or a normal outlet. 2. Yes most Leds use DMX dimming internally vs. conventional fixtures that use a dimmer in fact you can damage most Leds if you plug them into a dimmer vs constant power. 3. It is fine to address them all the same and they will use fewer...
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    How do I do this?

    Ok, a little more info about the venue. It is and event & wedding venue with a 30x14 stage platform and video screens on either side of that stage that are permanent installs. For theatre we use the existing stage but add onto it and build in a false proscenium. The total width from projector...