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    Need help in identifying this spotlight

    Your basic step-lens leko, ungrounded and with an asbestos whip, equipped with ungrounded stage pin 20 amp connector. See sheet Derek posted, although his is a newer model with Teflon wiring and grounded.
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    Poll: Mixing Musicals

    Faders when they are on stage, mutes if they are off stage. As said before, line jumping happens enough that you don't want to take anyone totally out of the mix if they are onstage. I just back them way off, but leave enough so something comes through if they jump a line. Once they leave the...
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    Vintage Lighting old Altman satellite I ballast box help

    Often, ballasts are internally strapped, so there may only be 5 wires total on a three tap ballast. ( T1, T2, T3, Common, Output) One coil is the primary, the second is the ballasted output winding. Take some pictures and I may be able to decipher it for you.
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    Vintage Lighting old Altman satellite I ballast box help

    Trying to remember since I had several. If I remember, the primary had three taps and a common. The common went to neutral, the hot looped up to the power switch on the light then back down (5 pin twistlock) and went to the tap switch which selected one of the three primary taps on the ballast...
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    Altman Explorer - Help!!

    Found this PDF on parts list and breakdown. Might want to download and save. Parts List
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    Does Brightness/intensity matter.

    Unless you are dealing with people's ability to read music (or something else), light levels are only relative. Put a man in a light-less cave for two days and even a candle will be blindingly bright. It is a question of what the audience has been exposed to before the show, how long it has been...
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    Vintage Lighting Leko w/ a Fresnel Lens

    I had several lekos with stepped lenses back in the 80's. When we think of a Fresnel lens in lighting it is usually a step lens with a pebble finish on the other side. The lenses on these had no such finish and the steps themselves were painted with a high temp black paint. They seemed to focus...
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    Christmas twinkle lights

    ahhhh... one problem. The light set may be below the dimmer's minimum capacity. Usually this is 50 to 100 watts and can easily be achieved by attaching a second ghost load to the channel, like a drop-light with an incandescent lamp in it.
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    Lights back in the day

    My understanding was that DC was supplied by motor-generators, usually close or within the theater. Resistance dimmers worked on DC or AC as resistance is resistance and does not care. As to WHY they were still DC long after more efficient autotransformers systems were introduced, and still...
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    Control/Dimming Strand 300 and C21 Dimmer Problems

    Dimmers have two modes of operation, Dim and Relay. In relay mode your light is either on or off. Sounds like whatever program flag (ether on the board or rack) that controls this has be set to relay mode. Could be a board or rack hiccup. Rebooting will not fix it, the flag has to be set back...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Why Gel and RGB light? Here's why

    This video looks at the radical difference between color adjusting an RGB light vs setting it to white and gelling it. It's not a short video, but it is worth watching!
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    Power Surges & Intelligent Fixtures

    Yes and no on the surge protectors. It has to be a REAL unit, like this: At $190 each, they are not cheap, but they will actually relay-interrupt if the voltage goes out of range and are equipped with NEMA 5-20 connectors for real 20 amp...
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    VHI DP-810 dimmer pack

    About the only advantage to the old unit over the new/cheap shoebox dimmers is that they probably used the proper size SCRs or Triacs as compared to undersized ones found in cheap shoeboxes. Still, you can pick up better shoeboxes in the "under $400" range and that would eliminate a lot of...
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    VHI DP-810 dimmer pack

    Two classic analog trim pots for the ramp generator on the front. I would bet analog. Not bad thing if you are only going to use it in the simple rig with it's controller. Yea, probably 30 to 40 years or age. Also not a bad thing as long as it has not been beat. Caps can sometimes dry out a bit...
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    Color Blind Director

    Mind the pun, but there are 1000 shades of gray when it comes to being color blind. Some are just deficient in the sensitivity of one or more receptors and have small areas of difficulty, others may fully lack one or more color receptors, or technically the filter pigment in the receptors...