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    Star drop and Northern Lights Aurora Borealis effect

    Rosco have posted about using their X24 projector for exactly this purpose (and exactly this play!).
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    Q-Lab Tandem

    Can confirm that I recently ran double macbooks on Qlab 3 using the inbuilt OSC commands. Both computers hooked up with interfaces to the audio desk, and we set up a panic button on the console to crash fade to the backup if necessary.The Qlab side is fairly graceful. Identical displays on...
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    [Help needed!] Camera Relay Software

    Howdy CBers,I've had a good look on the forums and so far have turned up no dice, so I'm hoping you'll know what I'm talking about.I'm looking for a piece of software that can take a live camera feed from the stage, and then overlay it with show call information, such as item numbers, times...
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    Source Four Mini

    I know you couldn't get the x7 colour system in such a small fixture, but I wonder what the results would be if you swapped out the globe for a dimmable LED MR16? Phillips Master LED or something like that.