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    Training a high school lighting designer

    My instructor lets us run tech. Since it is a club at our school it is mostly students teaching students. Our TD really designs the sets and directs the play and most of the time I do not get a drawing of the set till the month before the show like currently we have our show in less than a...
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    Training a high school lighting designer

    I am currently the head of lighting at my school and I basically do everything. When I graduate I need to make sure that the person that replaces me is capable. I have started to pass on my knowledge of programming, focusing, drafting, etc. but I am not quite sure what to teach them. To me...
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    Vectorworks Spotlight Student

    Vectorworks student is free. within the program you get you go to tools>workspaces> spotlight. to get it free go to vectorworks student portal register then photocopy a picture of your student ID and upload it to your computer. there will be a link that says request software license and you...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Noises Off lighting design

    My school did noises last year and we had that problem as well. We used leko's placed very low on the booms we have in our house. we also hung pars on our back walls to light the doors looking like outside or stage lights when they were backstage. Even though we used sconces just as special...
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    Control/Dimming Innovator 24/48 (aka board from hell) Releasing channels help!

    also, for patching while in the patch menu (there is a button that says patch on the keypad) one of the soft keys is clear which will allow you to clear all the channels. I used one to one because it is simple and at that point you know what channel controls which dimmer hope this helps as well.
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    Control/Dimming Innovator 24/48 (aka board from hell) Releasing channels help!

    My school actually got this board last month and i just completed my first show with it... to solve your problem you hit [enter] [at] [enter] [clear] this will release all the channels. The channels that are currently being held will turn yellow and when you press clear they will all go back to...