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    College Getting ready for Graduate School/URTAs

    Not necessarily so. I didn't take the GRE's, had a 2.65 coming out of undergrad, and while my college did have a theatre degree it was a ba, not a bfa, and I am in one of the best design MFA programs in the country. Depending on the program, it can be less about the statistics and more about...
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    Conventional Fixtures Altman 65Q problem

    Fixed your post.
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    Moving up

    I was actually on the other side of the coin. I was the mentor and was graduating and was rapidly trying to pass along everything I knew to the kid who was learning from me. When I was learning, there were absolutely things I didnt know. But when that was the case, after telling someone I...
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    Conventional Fixtures Lamps blowing constantly, all of a sudden

    Quit licking the lamps Tim. Sounds like you are having fun over there. JF
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    The right college

    You will encounter fewer movers in the world than you think you will, especially as a young designer. I came from a very similar style of program. There were two lighting classes, and I had taken both by the end of my sophmore year. My schools high end technology consisted of two I-cues and...