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    Student instructed to light a match on stage, cardboard set caught fire

    Whoa. I mean, we had quite the manipulative drama teacher in high school that probably f**ked us all up for life, but this is nuts. Erich Friend is going to have something brilliant to say on this, so I would most definitely keep a watch on the Theatre Safety Blog... I would most definitely...
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    TRIPPY from InLight Gobos
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    R.I.P., Sonny Sonnenfeld

    This sucks. What a nice guy he was.
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    Are YOU Teaching Relevant Lighting?

    Hey, lighting teachers: Are YOU teaching your students relevant lighting? Teaching is not just fundamental, it’s imperative to our industry. If you get pissed off reading this, it’s meant for you. What your anger means is that you’re guilty. This can be fixed though, you CAN be an efficient...
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    a blue gel to contrast R339/broadway pink?

    How about some R382 with heat shield in 1K PARS as a side blast to counter the pink? I might also suggest some L181HT (definitely get the high temp color) in something at least 1K? If you can find something around the italian blue range that is less green (or put an italian blue AND a...
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    Can't we all TRY to be a little safer?

    Hiya everybody, Jim from here. The rigger falling to his death in San Antonio has really gotten me kinda down about the way we do things. I wonder out loud: how often do you all question the safety of people around you on the job site? Sometimes it just blows my mind the...
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    Jim from

    Hi everyone, I obviously just signed up for the forum - I've been reading for a while, and I love the info here! I'm Jim from - I write a bit about as many of the lighting industries as I can possibly write about as a human being! Sometimes I find myself delving into really...