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    Altman sues former General Manager over grow light

    RAYN Growing Systems
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    Guidance on sound board, light board, wireless mics

    Since your location shows an elementary school, does your district have a theatre at the high school? Is there someone at that level that may have the gear or know of locals to contact? This same person may also be able to recommend high schoolers to help with setup and running the musical...
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    Dante Price + Uses

    Just remember you will need the DANTE-MY16-AUD2 card(s) for the LS9 too. Each card supports 16in/16out so for 24 new wireless, you would need 2 cards and have both expansion slots filled(assuming you are using an LS9-32).
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    ADA sound consultant

    The 900 seat high school theatre I work at, averages 1-2 requests per year for ALS. We have gotten more requests for Spanish interpreters for school presentations/ceremonies. (not part of the theatre's job but the district does provide interpretation for many of these events now).
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    ETC CSPAR for cyc lighting

    For a dance recital last year, the Lighting Designer used 8x CS Par Deep Blue with 2 layers of Rosco Opti-Sculpt 1 layer a 10 by 60, 1 layer a 40 degree. The cyc was about 40' by 20' and that did a pretty decent full coverage. We did also have a ground row of lights to allow top/bottom colors.
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    Poll-ish: recently deployed wireless mics

    A High School I work at: 8x Shure ULXD channels -2x ULXD-4Q reciveres -8x ULXD1 -8x ULXD2(4x SM58 capsule, 4x Beta58 capsule) -16x SB900A We replaced 8x Audio Technica AT3000 systems(8x bodypacks, 4x handhelds) We chose Shure because we previously bought 8x UHF-R channels and have liked them...
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    HS Fixture Inventory

    The High School Performing Arts Center I work at has the following: 23x 19deg S4 39x 26deg S4 21x 36deg S4 5x 50deg S4 8x 25-50 S4 Zoom 9x 36degEDLT S4 10x 19deg Strand SL 10x 26deg Strand SL 15x 36deg Strand SL 18x Altman Star Par 12x Altman Par 64 54x Fresnel (Strand/Altman/Century) 13x Altman...
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    Wireless Small Budget Wireless Mics

    Being in Wisconsin, call Full Compass. They are located out of Madison but will rent to any party in the state of WI. Calling or emailing is best as their rental webpages are not super up to date and don't have everything they rent listed.
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    R20 vs CC20 for LEDs: Best practice vs cost benefit?

    Who will be the primary people using the system? Short answer, go Relays as you can automate power on/off with the powering on/off of your console. Long answer: At a local high school I frequent, there is a full time Director who is also the TD/Set Designer & constructor for all high school...
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    R20 vs CC20 for LEDs: Best practice vs cost benefit?

    Just to clarify from the datasheets for both the Relay and Constant Current Modules, the switch breakers are switch rated. Per the Circuit Breaker section: Relay Modules: Constant Current Modules...
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    FS/FT Lighting and Sound Equipment

    I'm not mad per say that the gear is gone. I already had discussions with the powers that be about surplussing/recycling the gear. We just weren't ready for the gear to go in that manner yet. We had left safety cables and gel frames for selling the gear, now we need to get all the safety cables...
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    FS/FT Lighting and Sound Equipment

    Sorry for being dark the past 2 days. I checked the theatre on yesterday and apparently the director/facilities scrapped all that gear last week... I asked them to let me know before so I could have posted on here saying it was no longer available but better late than never I guess... Sorry...
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    Microvision Or ETC Nomad?

    My question would be is why would Nomad be quite boring? Have you become an expert on ETC EOS software? Do you know every in and out of the EOS software? I would assume no, so go with Nomad and take this as an opportunity to dive deeper into EOS. If you do know everything about EOS software...
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    Cost of new electrical raceways

    A friend of mine when he asked an installer, they told him it was about $35-40 per foot for the raceway, then it was another $35-40 per 3 foot pig tail. All just for manufacturing of the product. This didn't include install costs. This was a couple years ago and not sure how prices may/may not...
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    Wireless Oh No - 600MHz again!

    Shure takes any manufacturer's gear too.