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    Suggested DMX software for learning how to program?

    I used Q Light Controller for about a year and a half. I found it too restrictive for what I wanted to be able to do, design-wise. Moved to MagicQ and highly recommend them. The new version of the software comes with a visualizer, which would be perfect for a classroom environment.
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    Microsoft Access Maintence Schedule

    I use Web2Project for stuff like this. It can give you a list of things that you need to do, and can also email you. At my theatre we use it to coordinate the production process and schedule the different rooms. You can also link to files and information as needed.
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    Design Issues and Solutions Team collaboration with Vectorworks and Lightwright

    I, as a Web guy, would recommend a WebDAV site, or maybe SharePoint. That way, you have to "check out" the files to use them, and everybody will get a notification if they try to open it that it's being used. Then a quick email saying "its been 4 hours, are you still working on that?" would work...
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    Stage Management Software Top 10 List

    We have a pretty unconventional suite of software we use. Moodle - an eLearning system for schools and colleges to manage their classes (I adapted some of the terminology to reflect a theatre setting) Joomla - a portal system for cast and crew to access information stored in Moodle...
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    PC-controlled DMX software & hardware suggestions

    I'm currently running Chamsys PC, and it's great! The software is free, the only thing you have to buy (outside a computer) is a DMX interface. Chamsys controls conventionals, moving heads, media servers (can interface to ScreenMonkey via ArtNet or MIDI), lets you build your own chases. We...
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    Chinese spam

    I used to mod a webhost support forum a couple years ago. Went back on a whim to see how things were going, and it was literally FILLED with stuff like that (but of a more Viagra and cheap web hosting feel).
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    OR TD Seeks Friendship From Like-Minds

    I'm pretty much the second and third of that TD list ;) I live in Bend and have heard the rumours of the new theatre pub opening. Small world!
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    OR TD Seeks Friendship From Like-Minds

    Hello! I'm JoDrRe! I am the Technical Director for a community theatre in Oregon, USA. I actually have no idea what the TD is supposed to do. I showed up at the theatre almost 3 years ago because I wanted to intern for lights, and ended up designing and running a show. I was asked to stay...