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    Stage Cigarettes without talc

    Got approval for the "actor prop" e cig! Awesome effect!!! Thanks for the help!!!!!
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    Stage Cigarettes without talc

    Corn starch sounds great.....any ideas/ instruction on construction?--Thanks!!! This is a high school theater program so e-cigs run against campus policy....Thanks for the thought though!
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    Stage Cigarettes without talc

    We have used cheap "puff" cigarettes for a number of years in our theater with reasonable effect--cheap, looks pretty good. But have come across some serious concerns about talc powder. Seems most of puff cigarettes are either filled with "proprietary dust" or talc. Flameless suggestions? Thanks
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    building a dry ice fog machine

    Hello--does anyone have experience/ suggestions for building a dry ice fog machine? We need enough fog to cover a medium sized stage rapidly and maintaining the cover for about 5 to 10 minutes? Based on the fact that we perfere low lying fog, want the fog to dissapate quickly, and have a low...