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    Rental Help

    Great thanks for the help. I gave last year's lighting designer a call and he recommended Starlite Productions in Cherry Hill. Know anything about them? I'll give them and mainlight a call and see what we can work out. I really like mainlight's prices.
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    Rental Help

    The show is March 9-11 with shows at 7:30 each night. The 11 has a matinee at 1:00 Basically, I want to rent some Source Four's. We have very outdated equipment (don't even have DMX) and I'm tired of using par cans as an FOH wash. I want to have more precise and tight areas of light evenly...
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    Rental Help

    Thats a lot Zac. That's a major help. I live around Plymouth Meeting. This is for our spring musical "Big" at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. If you'd like to come to our show, feel free to send me a private message and I'll help you out. It would be great to meet another tech in the area.
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    Rental Help

    Hi everyone! My question to you all is if anybody knows of any rental companies in the Philadelphia area. We are only looking to rent a bunch of Source 4's, and local would be preferred, however inexpensive companies that can ship the equipment can be helpful as well...after all, we are on a...
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    giotto or mac?

    I have always been a fan of all Martin products. They are known to be very reliable, and I have never had a disappointing experience with a Mac. The High End's on the other hand aren't as reliable, but the price is definitely lower. Despite your ability to get twice as many High End's, I...
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    Backstage sound systems

    We have a total of 4 amps on our system. 1 for the house, one for the onstage monitors, one for the stage manager's monitor, and one for the backstage monitor. We use Aux Sends on our Mackie board to feed them the live sound from onstage and use the talkback channel on our board to direct a...
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    Help!! Front Lighting only!!!

    If you are using the DMX protocol, then yes - it can handle it, but not with ease. You'll have to control all of the attributes of it by hand or with cues which would look pretty strange unless you can change the values quickly and continuously. Have fun!
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    should I trust american DJ?

    I have been going back to the middle school I used to attend for a few years and have built the lighting system from the ground up. They had essentially nothing before I got there. I had almost no money to work with, so I was forced to buy the cheapest stuff I could find. So I found American...