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    Crank up Trees

    Hello everyone! I am setting up a show for a photo shoot on Monday and have a few silly questions. We are doing a 40' 12"x18" truss span on (2) Crank up trees (proper rated truss mount ones Alptek 5500? ).... The truss will only be holding some drape.... does this seem okay to you? My...
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    Truss & Cheeseboroughs

    re: Truss & Cheesboroughs Thanks! I hadn't even heard of a saddle before :-) I though about the Grapples but it still doesn't solve the issue that my sides of the truss box are slightly longer than what would normally fit, follow? Thanks!
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    Truss & Cheeseboroughs

    Hi everyone! I am actually not new to the site but It wouldn't let me log in for some reason so I had to create a new account. My question is regarding 90 Degree fixed Cheesborough's.... I have to fly a rig that is essentially a box/rectangle.... but the points I am working with don't...