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    Conventional Fixtures Cleaning cyc frames

    Hey guys, thanks for the replies!The gel size is 8.75"x13", for the Ground Cyc unit, and I would tend to agree with later statements that a paper frame wouldn't support that size.I've had it happen with R124, R125, R126, R74, L119, anything really, although to be fair a lot of those have...
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    Conventional Fixtures Cleaning cyc frames

    Hi, So I'm having this problem with gel melting onto my cyc light frames (Altman 750w fixtures, one piece folded frame as opposed to two piece sandwich style). It will melt onto the sides, and then the gel rips or splits along the inside edge, rendering it effectively useless although not...
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    Hi everyone, this is my first post on Not sure why it took me so long to register, I've been browsing the forums for advice for years now :-)-Jeff