Technical manager of Nelson NZ's Theatre Royal
We are a trust governed 350 seat, Victorian style proscenium arch theater that is of 135 years of age which underwent a full refurbishment which was completed in June of 2010.

Our auditorium has been beautifully restored and back of house was demolished to build a brand new 3 story facility with a new counter weight fly tower, dressing rooms, rehearsal space scene dock and the like.

Our theatre is one of, if not the busiest in NZ for its size. We are a receiving house of 85% regionally local users and 15% professional touring occupying our stage roughly 80% of the calendar year.

My background is in sound engineering and I began my working the building short after it re-opened as a relative theatre-industry newcomer and have since worked my way to become the Technical manager.

Aside from looking after the Theatre I am a lecturer of sound production at our local regional polytechnic, (NMIT), an active audio engineer for both live concert performance and studio projects, Technical Director for physical theatre company Body In Space among other performance related projects.

My ethos for all areas of work is to focus on quality (while balancing costs) and provide sound professional advice and support while maintaining a positive, safe, and well presented work environments.
Nelson, New Zealand


Technical Manager
Theatre Royal, Nelson, NZ


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