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    Setting spike marks without using tape

    To answer your question first. Just ribbon. We have the same policy of no tape on fly ropes. This came from the manufacturers recommendations that the presence of an adhesive will collect foreign matter and promote wear. We get the odd groan from touring riggers, and maybe its not an...
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    Homemade Gobos

    If you were using a selecon pacific, on the other hand...*sighs dreamily* Even then it wold still melt - despite radiating heat out of the rear, the rest of the lamp still reaches considerable temp.
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    Hi all, Google has brought me here before with answers to my questions, and I finally decided to sign up and explore a little more deeply. I'm the House Technician for the small and quaint, beautifully (and recently) restored victorian pros-arch theatre: Nelson, New Zealand's Theatre Royal. I...
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    Leg Returns.. That can fly out to dead

    The convention in my theatre is to tie our leg returns up to the hand rail of the gallery catwalk. This usually means about 1.5-2m of rope length from the return to the rail. Therefore legs can never be flown out more than 2m. While this is fine during a season to reset and sweep, the working...
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    Backstage WiFi

    WIFI password required and given out freely if asked for and several ports around the building for direct modem connection.. We usually update our password every few months - we had a issues with past local users occupying our 'shop-front' customer car parks for several hours a day while using...
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    Who has a cordless impact driver?

    I would be happy with any of the higher spec modern battery drill/drivers - I still recall my fathers first battery drill that he would charge for hours to use for minutes! I have a 18v DeWalt and I love it for all the reasons people have already listed - 3 speeds, 3 drive options, a spare...