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    When Institutional Knowledge is lost

    Ha.. I was the institutional knowlege in the booth of one of the Theaters that I volunteered for.. would help train and direct booth personel, and do some shows as well But due to politics and people who THOUGHT they knew better, I was edged out.. It hurt a bunch.. but they were the duly...
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    Wireless Video Transmission

    Been there done that.. hated the T shirt... coax, or convert to and from cat5/6
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    Messaging to orchestra director

    Gonna sound like "one tune charlie" here.. but Mumble has along side it's audio channels display a real time text message stack.. Can just type into the pc, and it shows up at any of the stations that have a monitor. There are also ways to just text to one particular user Can also cut in...
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    probably should be 1/d squared... kind of like light falling off with the square of the distance.. These things take time to refine
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    Decided to clean up my equations this morning I am the Doctor. Monsters are real. So is Math. T=time near a person A=air turnover per hour R=%Risk of that person being infected D=Distance Separating I=Chance of you getting infected S=Separator effect (Mask, Plexiglass, other physical barriers)...
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    Unfortunately math is your enemy here. 2 people 6 feet apart, one hot, one not.. walking past each other in the grocery or outdoors.with a relatively large volume of air circulating is much different than 2 people sitting even 12 or 20 feet from each other for 2 hours in the same location...
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    Intercom over IP?

    I'm still using the Raspberry pi Mumble server. .. variety of "clients" include some old HP thin clients, Some rasp pi zero's.. The can be wifi or cat5e wired. But the secret sauce is... Logitech 820 e usb DECT wireless headsets.... they work with the pi, with the thin clients, with a pc...
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    3d printing

    With every one printing PPE, they are a bit more scarce right now, but am very happy with my Creality Ender 3 pro. I did look at a lot of reviews videos, and how to stuff, so I was ready to hit the ground running. But for less than 300 bucks, this thing is really impressive. 8.6 x 8.6 x 9.8...
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    3d printing

    Thats probably above my pay grade at present.. I was thinking more along the lines of "antique candle stick" or Captain Cosmo's Ray gun
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    3d printing

    Was more like a "when my theater is back producing stuff" but what you have in mind? I'm more of a "take this existing design" newbie printer right now. The son does have some basic CAD skills though.
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    3d printing

    Just got a 3d printer.. My son was laid off (mildly autistic) at the start of this, so we ordered one so he could refresh his CAD skills instead of playing computer games full time. I've been printing some masks for work that seal much better than surgical masks no more glasses fogging...
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    Shadow Fabric

    Now I'm really worried.. y'all let ME? be the last word on this :);):grin:
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    Can the actor behind a scrim see through it ??

    like in the other thread... google David Copperfield makes the Statue of Liberty disappear... With the right lighting and audience placement.. this can be done even without a scrim. The fly in the ointment here is your bonfire... to do the disappearing, your light sources need to be somewhat...
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    Shadow Fabric

    The thing to keep in mind as you try to do this kind of thing is... to make a scrim not show what's behind it, you probably will do better to light it from a high angle.. More light will reflect back at you if you "skim" the surface... you will catch more fibers, and it will appear opaque. Also...
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    First time we have had to Mothball our Theater, since 2001 when we were seasonal/open air barn.

    We have a rotation of volunteers for daily building checks. Thermostats will be on like 60 heat and 85 cool... We have enough reserves to keep the HVAC going.