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    Above stage wash help.

    Thanks for all the great responses! This is very helpful. I'll let you know what I end up going with!
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    Above stage wash help.

    Hello all! I've read through most of the other "I need LED's for purpose x or y" and didn't find anything quite like my situation, or at least not current and like my situation. If I've missed something, my apologies. I need to fill two purposes here: 1.) I need a solution to drop some...
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    Technobeam help?

    Quoted for truth.There is a channel for options, like lamp on/lamp off/reset/home, etc. I have found that sometimes I have to turn the lamps on two or three times to get them to strike the first time. They are also slow to warm up, so go look at the light, and even if the shutter is closed...
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    Technobeam help?

    You need to find out what KIND of technobeams these are, as that has a fairly large impact on how they need to be addressed. Are they technobeam-i's?I have set up technobeams on an express before, and to be honest, it isn't a walk in the park. What I think is the easiest is the following...
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    rain drops

    Um... isn't this post from like, August?I hope the show has been put up already...
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    Les Miserables; Cost

    I just closed that show in November, so the pain is fresh in my mind. So pardon the possible snide tone of this response.Les Mis can be an incredible presentation. Say what you will about the story, but the presentation value is stunning. People love the music, and when actors die on stage...
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    Why I don't paint & How NOT to spike a set

    Glow tape's sole purpose for me is actorproofing things that they will run into in the dark. Stairs, doorways, doorknobs, etc.
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    DMX control program: It's time.

    Si, Ryan, it is in C++.So in the last few days I have done an extensive amount of research and come to some conclusions.1.) Jfitz REALLY knows what he is talking about! :D2.) Freestyler is a fairly comprehensive free solution for the windows gui candy users, although it seems quite...
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    DMX control program: It's time.

    You raise some great points! First, the issue of the packet rate. If I understand you correctly, this is an issue inherent with the operating system. I wonder if increasing the priority of the application would help at all in windows or linux based environments. Another possible solution...
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    Mini Disc

    Yeah, the auto-cue I have worked with on MD players plays through the silence on the beginning of a track, and pauses right before the sound comes in so you have a crisp cue. Which I guess, as a function of the pausing, could be used as single track playing...
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    DMX control program: It's time.

    Thanks for the input guys!jjf, I have a few questions for you. The issues that you refer to with the dongle: Does that refer to the open source dongle, or the USBPRO version?I'd like to undertake the project without significant limitations, like the speed. What speed is acceptable for the...
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    DMX control program: It's time.

    One other thing I would like to implement would be a skinning feature that would allow you to have various themes that emulate popular consoles in look and function.My concern is where this might impact copyright infringement.All thoughts are appreciated.
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    DMX control program: It's time.

    So, the Enttec USB to DMX dongle has been out for over a year now, and still, I haven't found a decent program that takes advantage of it.Unless anyone has any suggestions of an ongoing project I can help with, I will write my own. There are many features I find lacking with almost every...
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    Using A Frequency Shifter to control Feedback

    This sounds like an interesting concept.However, instead of feedback, wouldn't you get an increasing pitch runaway?For example. input pitch is around 1000 hz. output is 1005 but then the aforementioned mics pick that up, and increase it to 1010, then to 1015, etc etc... Would it just slowly...
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    Remote Follow Spots

    I want to say that the technobeam-i had beltpack following capabilities as well.