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    Control/Dimming NSI Melange stopped sending DMX

    Thanks for the response. It does seem to be the chip.
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    Control/Dimming NSI Melange stopped sending DMX

    So I got a used NSI Melange a few years back for embarrassingly cheap. It's been working great in our small dance studio performance space. I have been running a combination of Multiplex and DMX dimmers with great success. All of a sudden none of the DMX Dimmers are firing. The MPX dimmers are...
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    Can Microplex run along side AC?

    Hey all, I'm bran new to this list, but it looks as though it is an amazing collective knowledge base. I need a small drop of that knowledge. I need to run power to power dimmes from one side of the room to the other. There so happens to be a very accommodating conduit running from almost...