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    Control/Dimming Chauvet Datastream4 DMX Splitter

    All makes sense, thanks for your advice. I believe we did have a refresh rate issue with one of the splitters once, so perhaps that's it. Reason why I was asking in the first place was because on the cover page of the Datastream manual there's a snapshot section listing features, and one of the...
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    Control/Dimming Chauvet Datastream4 DMX Splitter

    Hey All,The company I work for just picked up a new Chauvet Datastream4 DMX Splitter, and I'm only noticing now as I read the manual that apparently this particular splitter doesn't work well with Dimmers. To be specific, I think that the signal after being boosted doesn't play nicely with...
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    Greetings from Toronto

    Also joining you from Toronto! Glad to see some locals here, might come in handy later down the road.