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    Conventional Fixtures Opti QA Par or Tri Par

    The Performing Arts Center I work at is looking into purchasing new LED fixtures instead of color scrollers and pars. What we have priced out that we can afford are the Elation Opti QA Par , and the Opti Tri Par. Does anyone have any experience with these fixtures in a conventional procenium...
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    Automated Fixtures Light Palette and Studio Spot

    This did it. I thought I had tried, but apparently I was simply not paying attention. This works. Thank you for the help and information.
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    Automated Fixtures Light Palette and Studio Spot

    I work at a community college, we have a Strand Light Palette VL, and 3 older model Studio Spot 575's. They each have 2 wheels of color, and 2 gobo wheels. (non-CMY) I can control both wheels on the fixtures, so I know the motors etc are working; however the console only gives control to 1 color...