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    What inspired you to get into technical theatre?

    I saw a poster asking for people to help paint sets in 10th grade. I like painting. I went, I had fun, they liked me, and then they told me I could get paid for it.
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    What's the inspiration behind your user name?

    It's my first name. Dull, but just dull enough.
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    Hi - I'm currently in high school in Northern California. I have been doing tech related stuff for about three years now, but I have a rather large amount to learn, due to the lack of adults/anyone with any more experience in our program. I'm pretty much in charge of the tech element of all of...
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    my high school needs more student techs!

    My high school has a similar problem with getting tech... And we get paid, so there's no need for pizza bribes. We have two theaters, one with about 3,500 seats, and another smaller theater attached. My school has almost 4,000 students. We just got an entirely new lighting system in the big...