Joined Apollo in 1997 as employee #10, long before the explosive growth mode. In addition to carefully choosing and authorizing Apollo dealerships, I am part of the research team that has introduced such products as the Multiform LED range, SmartMove family, Smart Color family, Right Arm, Gaffer Tape, Textured Glass, Apollo Gel, Pattern Holders, and Dichroic Glass Filters.

I enjoy working at Apollo and consider my co-workers as kin. :)

Lighting, treasure hunting, US history, hunting/fishing/hiking/camping
Fort Wayne IN, USA


Keith Kankovsky
Apollo Design Technology
US distributor of [OPTI] Kinetics, SpotFX, earth-friendly gobos, gel, and other gear at
*PrintScenic Full Color & B/W gobos for LED profiles
Laus Deo



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