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    Imported Rigging Hardware

    I agree here and trust hardware imported and stamped by a reputable US company (like FEHR, etc). However, I've gotten stuck on job sites (corporate) where a house rigger wouldn't install these. So I'm stuck with domestic.
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    How to brace Raised platform on turntable without visible bracing?

    I think Colin's plan is good. In addition, in lieu of doing the whole thing in steel, you might get a shop to fabricate a couple steel x-braces that could do more work with a lower profile than wood bracing.
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    Cheeseboro & Torque Wrench

    I thought futlongs were a unit of energy. At the carnival a futlong is about 470 calories.
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    Hanging a rental drop that will be to long - brand new, cant alter - no flies for tripping - its been years

    You can "trip" the drop by hanging tie lines from the same batten the drop is on that run down behind it. Use tarp clips or something to grab the bottom of the drop and hold it up so the fold is just off the floor. Place a bottom pipe in the U of the fold for weight and a clean line. Or, even...
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    Cloth Cyc and Plastic RP Bounce Positions

    FWIW you can generally steam a PVC screen with a hand steamer to get out wrinkles. Always test a hidden edge first.
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    Swing Nailing

    Yup, common on film sets (you know, Hollywood flats), where framing is often on a 2' x 2' grid and walls are often built in larger sections than we tend to in theatre. I assume the tighter framing grid has to do with the camera being less forgiving to imperfections than the proscenium.
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    Puppet building

    Warning: brainstormed, not well-thought-out idea follows: Might be interesting to play with a polagonal design (i.e. computer game-type figures). We did this recently for a stylize tree for a permanent outdoor installation. In our case, we modeled it out in vectorworks, then had each face...
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    ISO Greased Lightning rental/purchase

    Yeah, that's pretty hot.
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    Battery Operated Lantern

    Ah, I wanted to post this too. To describe, he found that in one of these new LED flame bulbs I'm seeing everywhere, he could easily remove the AC/DC transformer, and ended up with a 3V DC rather realistic flame bulb that could run on 2 AA batteries for hours. Add a little Adam Savage magic with...
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    Sign hung issue

    Ah. Didn't know that. Makes sense.
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    Hanging Platform

    You need an actual engineer on this one. Beam calculations, column calculations, dymanic loads (swing on the hanging platform), etc. If I were building, I'd get an engineer's review.
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    Sign hung issue

    You do need to consider the bridal angle. If that angle approached zero (fully horizontal) the tension on the cables and hook would approach infinite. I've not checked Dagger's sling angle math, but if correct then the hook would need to support both of the 2.9T loads, which is more than any...
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    Multi-Use curtain for 39 Steps Question

    I think Aglo would work well, as would synthetic muslin (poly mus) or even regular muslin, although that will show the shadow puppet light source more than the poly will.
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    Frowning Soft Goods: Scrim, Cyc, Bounce

    A few thoughts: Is it possible the bottom pipes are bent? If not, as suggested, you could correct for the problem by adjusting either the system pipe (esp. if the goods are always on the same pipes) or the ties. You could add a larger skirt on the bottom of the goods. Was that enough thoughts...
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    Turnstile set piece

    Let's investigate the idea that you can't move the larger turnstile. Can it be built on a wagon, or even on a piece of plywood on felt / glides?