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    For a budget version, use coroplast. 4mm "natural" backlights very well. Also works as the front of a light box.
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    Outdoor Wagons and Triangle Platforms?

    Definitely inflated casters; good ideas above.One thing, I'm going to say that a 2.42' wide x 4.4' tall platform on wheels on a soft / uneven surface is a no-go. Too unstable. Even off the wheels I don't like the ratio. I'd look for a way to make it wider and/or shorter.
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    Adjustable Grip Hitch

    Taking your question at face value, and assuming something lightweight and soft like the posited vinyl banner, this seems like a fine idea. I've not used this hitch, but what I see on wikipedia seems appropriate. Taut-line hitch or truckers hitch may be more common solutions. As long as you're...
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    Teach me about jacksand (Jaxsan)

    . . . could use some further explanation, please.
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    Teach me about jacksand (Jaxsan)

    You can also use Liquid Nails Projects and Foamboard, or a number of other construction adhesives. Just make sure they specify foam, as some types will disolve it.
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    A less slick stage - permanently

    Slip NoMor is nothing like rosin. It really just takes the edge of slipperiness. On our old, tired dance floor we'd dust mop and damp towel mop w/ alcohol daily, and wet mop w/ Slip NoMor every few days.
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    A less slick stage - permanently

    Is Slip NoMor the product you're thinking of? It's what I used for dance floors. You can add it to mop water every few moppings. it seems like a course sanding before the...
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    zoom in rehearsal

    Results post. Bought the Motu M4, hooked up to a laptop on a tech table a few rows into the house. Handheld mic on a stand DSC run directly into the Motu, and output to a little powered speaker on the table. Worked well for what we needed. The remote dialect coach could hear well enough and...
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    Constructing a weight-bearing girder set piece

    Is is sitting on the ground, supporting people, or hanging / spanning in space? Sitting? Standing?
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    zoom in rehearsal

    I did (later) have the thought that I could just throw bluetooth on the performer. Works for the specifics of this case. May use this opportunity to assemble the kit for the future though.
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    zoom in rehearsal

    Thanks for the replies. For a camera I will likely use a smartphone on a tripod, as an additional participant.For audio send, if we're using a feed from the console (Yamaha LS9) I assume I need a small digital audio interface to take a buss send from the console and get it into a laptop. Any...
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    zoom in rehearsal

    Scenic / PM person here dipping my toes into an audio issue. Has anyone set up a rig for zoom that can capture decent sound from the stage or rehearsal room? Any advice / gear recommendations?The specific application here is a rehearsal onstage for a one-person show. Artistic would like the...
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    Wanting to make a usable trash can that can burst into fake flames

    You might consider a ring of computer fans around the inside perimeter of the can (with silk and LED), leaving the center open for the clothes to drop through. Also, when I've done silk flames I've always preferred to include a bit of blue light at the base of the flames for contrast.
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    Rigging a Helicopter

    Content warning: internet semantics quibblingI and this wikipedia article: . .define redundancy as being a "duplication of critical components or functions of a system" as a fail-safe to prevent critical failure in the event of...