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    Math for sound

    Hey I am a sophmore in highschool and am really interested in math and sound engineering and i was wondering what colleges i should look at and what classes i should be taking. I find all of this really interesting and was wondering if anyone had any good comprehesive links that could teach me...
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    Near death experience

    FALLING PIPEO I have a story like this. On the first day that the actors were in the theatre for our school performance of Oliver they were sitting in the house listening to our director and 2 of the crew were trying to hook up a spot on our catwalks to use during the show. Anyhow in order to...
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    crew night

    Im 15 and once again we also usually strike untill midnight ish and go out and see a movie and grab something to eat and usually get home around 2 or 3 and our crew is only like 9 people so we are all really close. My parents had a problem with it at first but after a while they just looked at...
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    Fly Traffic

    SO neway during one of our rehersals for our Varitety show this year we had to raise our hanging mics for the Color/Flag guard performance. Unfortuneatly the hanging mic cables came off the fly system on the opposite side of where the flys actually were so it was my job to make sure the cables...
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    cool thanks for the input. We built a coffin before but it got destroyed :evil: . Im really angry hopefully we can use ur input to build a better one than the one that got destroyed.
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    My school is doing a production called "The Man Who Came to Dinner" we need to build a giant sarcophagus in which a lady is thrown. We need to make it look like an ancient egyptian sarcophagus with a face and everything and we need a good way to make it. Right now we're gonna make it out of wood...
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    You Never Know Whos Listening

    Well one day during our schools musical "Oliver" we were all talking on the headsets and we were talking about various things and slowly the topics got less and less, we'll say "School Appropriate". Well we were talking for while and no cues were called in this time kind of a boring part of the...
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    Love this site idea just wanted to introduce myself

    Hey Im a Junior at Glenbrook North High School. I just found this site while i was bored and searching the net i created an account and was amazed at how many people have some of the same questions as me and are intrested in the same things. Well I just wanted to say "Hello". Have fun posting
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    Techie sayings

    One i have just heard muttered recently and i have taken a personal liking to is "Just because I serve you doesnt mean I like you"