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    Control/Dimming Will Leprecon VX2400 Dimmers work along with ETC SmartPacks in the same system?

    We have had dimmer damage in a recent flood. We are looking at replacing our 3 lost Leprecon VX2400 dimmer packs with 6 ETC SmartPack SL620TM. This will leave us with a system of 2 Leprecon packs and 6 ETC Smartpacks controlled by our ETC console. Will this system work or will we have...
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    Control/Dimming Leprecon VX2400 Series 2 Damaged by Flood

    It's unknown if the power had actually failed before the water came in. However, the submerged units, along with everything else in the room, were covered with a thick coat of slime. My question is whether or not the dry unit is OK. Thanks, Jack
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    Control/Dimming Leprecon VX2400 Series 2 Damaged by Flood

    We recently had a major flood in our area. The water got higher than it ever had been in known history. Our theater has a rack of 5 VX2400s of which 4 were completely submerged. I know the submerged ones are toast, but what about the dry one. Is there any chance that it is OK? I can't...