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    Male XLR wall jacks only?

    While it's certainly not standard for us to do installs like this, I don't think it's that ridiculous for someone seeing a common complaint in their previous installs (broken spring tabs in the XLR socket connectors) and looking for a way to address that complaint through a straightforward cable...
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    Wireless is not only susceptible to all of the problems we're familiar with (and that we mostly have addressed), but also vulnerable to intentional interference or even hijacking by potential bad actors (there are also ways to mitigate that, but there's a risk/reward analysis to be done there)...
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    DCAs versus Stereo Masters

    This has also been how it's done on the two Broadway-style musical tours I've done, and I've been led to believe that it's basically a standard thing. (My current show has ten VCAs, so the band is #10, but same idea. We also always have the band reverb on #9 and the vocal reverb on #8.)...
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    NYT article about Broadway use of wireless spectrum

    It's easy to dismiss a complex issue as being the work of a corrupt or greedy government agency, especially in this age of it being popular to hate on the government and ignore the positive value of its work. But that's an oversimplification. The RF spectrum is a limited resource with a great...
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    NYT article about Broadway use of wireless spectrum

    I don't see the helpfulness in making this a political issue about "Obama's weekly vacations". How about we keep the discussion focused on reality and issues that affect us and leave politics for basically every other web site on the internet? Thanks. Kevin
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    NYT article about Broadway use of wireless spectrum

    Interesting article with quotes from the sound department of the Broadway production of Mamma Mia. U.S. May Sell Airwaves That Help Broadway Sing Kevin McCoy
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    Share your thoughts on USITT 2013

    I enjoyed meeting you guys, both at the SML get together and on the show floor. Kevin McCoy
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    Free Video Cueing?

    I know you've found a solution that works for you, but I recently discovered Unified Remote, a $4 app which I use to control my computer from my Android device, and it's pretty amazing. I can see some interesting applications if you're already using VLC to do theatre presentation.
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    Touring Salaries: Actors and others

    Sure, except that this profit-sharing scheme was implemented as a way to make the cutbacks in the standard salary seem more palatable. So it's not like the salaries are the same as the contracts without the profit-sharing and then this is a bonus, it was just all part of the negotiation process...
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    Philadelphia Theatre Company Stagehands Striking

    Can you provide any support that this claim is anything more than just anti-union scare tactics? Kevin McCoy
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    Stage edge safety

    Here's a photo I took of a theatre using a ratchet strap for pit safety. It goes up and down very quickly. A safety feature that is easy is a safety feature that is used.
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    Stage edge safety

    I'm surprised that I haven't seen this mentioned, but my understanding of fire code (with the caveat that it can vary from locality to locality) is that it generally requires that if a space has a fire curtain, it should be closed when the space is not occupied. I think this is mostly to...
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    Philadelphia Theatre Company Stagehands Striking

    You are not correct. Internships are not a way to bypass the minimum wage laws. Internships should be educational, and should not replace or displace regular employees. Firing a regular employee and then creating an internship to do the same tasks would be a pretty clear indicator that you're...
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    Philadelphia Theatre Company Stagehands Striking

    This is incorrect. Even ignoring the definitions of "wrong" which include the ideas of treating employees well and negotiating with organized employees in good faith, there are laws about what jobs you may use "interns" for. Kevin
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    Ushers required by code?

    In my touring experience, about 25% of venues will ask me to play a preshow announcement which includes this information. Sometimes it's solely this info, sometimes it's also a promo for upcoming shows. Kevin McCoy