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    Digital Signage Solution

    check out Tightrope Media Systems Tightrope Media Systems: Digital Signage and Broadcast From Your Web Browser. They are in the digital signage game. Also, you will get some great features for your money. The biggest drawback for digital signage is that SOMEONE has to keep it updated. With a...
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    Odd sort of problem

    Let's not forget that if you are getting your Internet connectivity from a cable modem then it has to go BEFORE an amplifier unless that amp is bi-directional. I would recommend that you hook it up this way: Cable comes into house> Low loss passive 1x2 splitter> >Cable Modem >Additional...
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    Video via mic cable

    Where did I get 1200'? Time to get some sleep. kw
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    T.V. Wall

    It didn't sound like resolution was a big issue in this instance. Most of the old "TV"'s only had about 300 lines of resolution anyway. So depending on your grid (how many by how many) depends on the amount of "active resolution" in each area. Given that with 1024x768 you could at least do a...
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    T.V. Wall

    "IF" you can go the projection route "AND" it fits your style, might I suggest just doing something in post with FCP or Aftereffects and creating a grid. That way you are back to one signal that has multiple images and can be made to look like multiple monitors. I saw a gig a while back that...
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    Video via mic cable

    From a broadcast perspective, 1200' is forever and a day for composite video right out of a camera. Yes you will get a signal out of the other end but it will in no way be the best it can be. It may not be enough for your switcher to derive sync reference from. Just doing the math in my head...
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    Sound f/x Cue Playback Software

    I get the whole <Cntl>+Click bit. It's the Cntl+Click on the one pixel wide bar between the blank and the blank to get to another underdocumented feature. kw
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    Sound f/x Cue Playback Software

    I am not sure about QLab but I have run into other software that will "autosense" the end of the track. It may work in some applications but "automatic" tends to not work well in a professional environment. Look in the preferences panel to see if there is some way to turn it off. Mac...
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    Yowtch! Video over Cat5 shocks!

    You have a potential of ground between the two ends that did not exist in the past. In other words, the ground on one end of the line is better then the other . When you connect your video equipment to it, the voltage tries to ground down the Cat5 cable to the other end where the ground is...
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    T.V. Wall

    Our local university has/had this sort of thing. I remember working on it afew years back for them. They had a 4x4 grid of 27" Dottronics monitors as well as two stacks of 4 on the side. They were all hooked into a video wall controller. The rig was used for performance art. The biggest...
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    Hanging a big, flat (fabric) screen

    I like it! I like it! I will have to pass this on to a friend of mine! kw
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    tv wall and home made video matrix

    Glad to hear that it is working out for you. Never be afraid to experiment (as long as you are safe). kw
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    Fog Juice and Fire Alarms!

    Fog, Haze, a tech sneaking off to smoke in the wrong place. All these things will cause headaches with a production unless all parties involved know what and when it will be used. Most commercial venues have provisions to disable the sensors in the area but will require a "Fire Watch". It...
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    Avolite Personalities

    Long story short, I had to do some tweaking on the raw personality file for an Avolite Diamond III console. Interesting way that they do that and disk directory structure. Do all consoles use similar systems for their personality files? kw
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    Live Feed / Recorded Loops

    If you are using white then it is a luma key not a chroma key. In a chroma key you are keying out a color. Technically white is not A color. In any case, there are other issues that you have to deal with a luma key. The first is that your lighting has to be spot on because you are keying...