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    Online Rigging Training

    Chicago FLyouse just posted a playlist - hope this link works, copied from Facebook
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    Control/Dimming Paradigm Training

    I'm here! The best person to talk to about Paradigm training is actually David Fox ([email protected]) in Tech Services. He can give you all the details.
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    Cloning an ETC Element harddrive

    Another inexpensive way would be to use the Backup feature in the Shell - From the browser, select Exit, and then when highlighted click on Settings. In the configuration Utility (or shell) under Maintenance, there is the Backup/Restore Show Archive as well as the File Manager functions. From...
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    ETC Element: How to find the dimmer for a specific light?

    Sure, you can do a channel/address check at any level.
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    ETC Element: How to find the dimmer for a specific light?

    Actually if you do [Address] [1] [Full] {Softkey - Check} [Enter] then [Next], [Next], [Next] , you will be doing an address check, not a channel check. Dim/Address button is on right near level wheel above frame button.
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    Some questions about my Express board

    I have a few sets of the Express DVDs left on a shelf. Contact me if you are interested in a set (include an address).
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    Control/Dimming ETC Element cue transition/save issues

    If you update to the latest software, the system will do a deep clear which may clean up some of the "ghosts". You can also do the deep clear without updating. Make sure you have your current show file saved (hard drive and USB), exit to the shell, go to Settings, then Maintenance. The top...
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    eSET Online exams to test basic proficiency now available

    eSET - Essential Skills for Entertainment Technicians In case you hadn't heard or seen, the first of the eSET exams are online now - Rigging, Lighting and Electrics and Costuming. eSET is like ETCP for "emerging professionals" and "novice employees". It is a certification program. For more...
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    Wild Website goose chase...

    I need to update my bookmark! Thanks, Luke! And kudos to Matt Kizer.
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    Wild Website goose chase...

    Try this one - I tagged it a while ago. Amazed that it still is there.
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    Yet more proof that ETC remains one of the coolest companies on the planet to work for.

    Just to add to the excitement, here's the movie they used to tell us we were going to the movies. Produced in house by our fantastic video production team.
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    Obsession II light board

    There is a cheat sheet on the ETC web site - type Obsession Cheat Sheet in search.
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    DL3 Interest

    I would suggest that you post your question on the ETC Forums or on the Facebook group "ETC Eos Family Console Programmers" I'm sure some of the users there will be willing to answer your questions. The DL3 does have a personality (for v1.4, v1.5 and v2.0) with layers in the console software.
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    Who is going to USITT 2015 in Cincinnati?

    I'll be there Monday through Saturday. Blatent advertising - ETC is doing Level 2 and Level 3 Ion training as part of USITT Presents on Monday and Tuesday of that week (March 16 and 17) [Happy Patty's Day]. Come join us for some fun and programming...
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    Control/Dimming Can ETC Element Subs Default to LTP?

    Submasters can be set to be either Highest-Takes-Precedence (HTP) or Latest-Takes-Precedence (LTP). This setting is applied to intensity only though. Non-intensity parameters are always LTP. Eos family consoles default all submasters to HTP. There is not a way to change the default. However, in...