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    Automated Fixtures Vari-lite 2416 troubleshooting

    I can rule out driver chips, because they are on the Aux cards, which were swapped for known good ones. Motors on the other hand, are a good possibility that had not occurred to me. I will check that next. Thanks Lampie
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    Automated Fixtures Vari-lite 2416 troubleshooting

    I can do that, but what kind of photo are you looking for? Are you looking for a technical photo or Art?
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    Automated Fixtures Vari-lite 2416 troubleshooting

    I've been working on some 2416s that sat in storage for many years, and I'm trying to bring them back to life. Many are up and running, but I have 3 stubborn units, all with the same problem. I'm getting a"no com" message for aux 1 & 2, even though the LED is flashing on both aux cards (I...
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    Problematic Member

    Pipe Coming In! Bonk! Sorry.... Repeat as needed. Joking, of course, but that's how the old guys did it.
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    You found Joe Basel in Twinsburg? LOL
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    "If only ____ existed" let me make it for you!

    a system like that at LDI I believe it was Martin, who had a system like that at LDI about 10 years ago. It used a wireless mic that the performer wore, and speakers mounted on the truss at the 4 corners of the stage. The speakers put out 4 inaudible frequencies and the system could tell...
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    dimmer or circuit problem

    I'm not that familiar with Colortran dimmers, or their operation when "doubled" so I couldn't say. Let me ask you a few questions... If I understand correctly, they are in modules with 2 dimmers each, and two circuits that are bad both run to the same module? Are there any user connections...
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    Training Volunteers

    20 years ago I held the same belief. Then one night I turned a couple hundred feet of Socapex cable into a 19 ply copper belted radial. Coiling any cable in a circle and running power through it causes inductive resistance. resistance causes heat. Heat causes resistance. Resistance causes...
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    dimmer or circuit problem

    This may not apply to your situation, but a school that I occasionally do work for called me and described a similar problem. I did all the typical troubleshooting without finding a solution and was forced to atypical things. On a wild hunch, I sat down in front of the desk, and checked for...
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    Training Volunteers

    You don't say how much time you have for training, but it sounds like there won't be enough, so prioritize what is important before you start. For example: If protecting the gear is more important than the quality of the production, you will want to spend time on truck straps and why you never...
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    Tech Crew Olympics, need some ideas

    I'm all for bridle building competitions, for stage crews, AND tack shops. A rigger I know, who shall remain nameless (hey Ricky!) will tell you (and me, and the security guard, and the catering staff it seems) that what you are describing is "ground rigging," and in his words, "it's rigging...
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    Tech Crew Olympics, need some ideas

    There's a lot of cable in a load out. You could have the 100' Feeder race, the 10x100' Socapex relay, the 10x100' DMX coil (twist and over/under styles), and the triathlon, consisting of 10x100' Soca - 10x100' DMX - 100' feeder - finish line is when the 3 cases are in the truck with a strap or...
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    concert lighting from start to finish

    I've always heard, and have repeated, that it was Chip Monk who made that particular leap forward, at the Filmore West. Other than hearing it many times over the years, I have nothing to back that up, so I'm genuinely interested. Bill McManus? I'm with you on the pioneer label, but never...
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    Chain Hoists as permanent install?

    If it needs to be accessible at floor level, hang it with some well maintained CMs and relax. When CM hoists first crossed over from industrial to stage use, the standard (industrial) way to hang them was motor up, chain hook down. Riggers didn't like pulling 1 ton hoists up to the grid...
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    Automated Fixtures Help settle a bet about Vari-lite gear?

    The 200 series fixtures held their cue data individually, and the 300 series held it (for up to 6 lights) in the Smart Repeater. That is not a barrier to DMX control. Each parameter of each light is controlled by a DMX channel, but the light is never told to store a cue. As long as the light...