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    More free screens/gaff tape/projector bulbs for schools/community theatres at LDI

    I have a few more screens available for schools/community theatres that I can give to people attending LDI. If you represent one and would like to take a screen back for your organization PM me with any specifics about what you'd prefer (front or rear, size, ect). These are da lite and stewart...
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    Control/Dimming ETC Expression 2.x and 3.0 Replacing drive?

    At least at one point there was someone on ebay selling a foppy emulator specifically for the etc express(ion) consoles. I think it was about $200 though if I remember right.
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    Basic Video Warping

    I'm looking for a free or very cheap way to do video warping (very basic). Think the basic version of Christie twist. But on a computer to use with a different projector. Single projector, no blend/stack. Onto a building from a wierd angle. Any ideas????
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    Keys to Visiting Acts

    I believe one exception is pyro storage has to be locked at all times and therefore the pyro tech needs a key. I think it may be the same for stage weapons.
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    Keys to Visiting Acts

    I like it! The rider doesn't (yet) have those specs. THAT key will not walk away!
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    Keys to Visiting Acts

    One of my venues would give dressing room/office keys to tours that really insisted and attach like a $200 missing key fee if it didn't come back. The dressing room keys only went to the dressing rooms and a few other inside doors... nothing high security. Building keys were different and were...
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    inflatable wheels and sand on stage

    Yup, if you could afford it the cork stuff is great. It comes in all different sizes and looks pretty real without the weight and mess.
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    Stage collapses around Carly Fiorina

    Never seen that happen in show, but seen it MANY times during loadin/out on corporate AV. Best one was when someone opened all the roll up doors during strike blowing 20' pipe and drape through a screen.
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    Christie Lens Connector

    Is it like electrical crimps or is it a flavor of mini-molex connector? The Barcos and Panasonics use a mini-molex (one of the million and 1 varieties of it) connector that goes into the back of the lens connector.
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    Demo (Degassed) Xenon Lamps

    A few people on here already have one as I gave some to people at LDI last year (before I ran out). If any teachers/professors or similar want a degassed Xenon lamp for demos, post on here or PM me asap. I'm going to be making a few tomorrow and the setup (and bomb suit) to do it is a pain so...
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    18' x 32' and 20' x 40' Rear Projection Screens

    I'm sorry. There were a lot of people interested. When more become available I will try to make sure you get one. I have been extremely busy with work-- this donation stuff is something I do on a volunteer basis on the side because in a lot of cases otherwise this stuff goes in a dumpster.
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    18' x 32' and 20' x 40' Rear Projection Screens

    So the 32 x 18 RP is also gone. Went to someone that can pick it up. I will eventually have more. I frequently get small ones that can be UPSed (on your account) so if you need small feel free to PM me.
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    Audience Member Tries to Use Fake Outlet to Charge Phone

    And usb external batteries are like $10 on amazon.
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    Personnel Lift without Outriggers

    What about getting a used scissor lift if your floor can take it (a friend quoted one and it was under 10k)? I've worked in a few venues that only had scissors (or had mostly scissors and one man-lift and the man-lift was never used). I've worked in other venues with only the manlifts and we...
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    18' x 32' and 20' x 40' Rear Projection Screens

    Scratch the 20 x 40 and RP material. The 18' x 32' RP is still available.