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    Looking for the "best" LED pars

    ETC should be good. I used Elation arena, these are bright but so heavy and poor material, especially menu buttons.
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    Do you make or buy DMX cables?

    Buy ready to use is always better. I hate to make DMX cables, I bought some cables from Kino Flo and the cables were excellent. Bought few cables from enttec few months ago but they were poor. I think Klotz have some good cables and they should be good also.
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    Martin MP2 Uploader Need

    Hi all; I've some dead Mac550s. The devices have flashing **** on screen and there is no any function even no power on motors. Some forums are say, it can be a software problem and need to reflash. I'd long search on internet but couldn't find the uploader device. Are there any idera how can I...
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    Design Issues and Solutions LED Strip Advice?

    Thanks, I also found Osram LINEARlight Colormix Flex – LF05CA2. Now comparing the other LEDs with the Osram because it's too expensive than other generic 5060 leds.
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    Design Issues and Solutions LED Strip Advice?

    Hi, I'm trying to find high output RGB LED Strip. I will use that from back of white soft plexiglass. Do you have any recommendation? Thanks...
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    Best DMX software MAC

    I recommend Avolites Titan one but it's not working on Mac OS. I installed a windows version to my mac as well as mac os for the Win only applications like Avo Titan or Wysiwyg etc. Titan controlling software is very effective, professional and easy to use. But for using that you must buy an...
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    Best DMX software MAC

    This is a direct app link for controlling the ftdi drivers from application. Easy and working well.
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    ETC Offline Previz

    What about Cobalt & Wysiwyg combine? Anybody used?
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    Programmer Paperwork

    :) I got an another link from the focus it was basecamp, it is very useful system and started to use it with my team :D Thanks..
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    Daylight temp. lamp for a PAR64 fixture

    Can you please give me the lamp code? Thanks..
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    Daylight temp. lamp for a PAR64 fixture
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    Pen you use

    STAEDTLER pigment liner 0.5
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    Wireless DMX HELP!!

    Hi, I am using Elation EWDMXR and EWDMXT and I saw some command delays on this devices. Tested distance was like 100m.
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    ETC Eos Ti vs Cobalt 20 for Broadcast Using

    Thanks for understanding. At the end of the day; ETC Cobalt has all the wanted features w/out 3rd party applications and remote control over internet and using Windows platform. Any compliant about this mixer?
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    ETC Eos Ti vs Cobalt 20 for Broadcast Using

    So, is that user forum or manufacturer?. Because you are talking like after sales personal. If I need support like this, I can send an e-mail to provider and there will be VIP answer in few minutes in my mailbox. I made a VS. between 2 mixer and asked some features but you are still talking...